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Our Work



CEGA evaluates strategies to increase food security and household income among the world’s poorest farmers in Africa and South Asia.


CEGA designs strategies to strengthen the political process and improve public service delivery in low-resource countries. Our work leverages tools from political science and economics as well as information technology.

Energy & Environment

CEGA researchers combine economic insights with technology innovation to promote sustainable energy access globally while mitigating the costs of pollution, urbanization, and climate change on human and environmental health.

Technology & Infrastructure

Our technology program, the Development Impact Lab, integrates expertise in engineering and economics to design technology-intensive innovations for developing regions.

Education & Labor

CEGA contributes to a large and growing body of evidence on the effectiveness of programs designed to improve education and employment opportunities in developing countries.

Financial Inclusion

CEGA works with financial institutions, governments, and NGOs to improve the design of financial services and social protection schemes—from credit, savings, and insurance products to pensions and public works programs.

Health & Psychology

Our health and psychology research program integrates insights from development economics and psychology to overcome behavioral biases to improve service delivery and promote healthy outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.


Global Networks

CEGA is building Global Networks of researchers in Latin America, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa with the goal of cultivating local leadership in rigorous policy evaluation.

Research Transparency

To improve the integrity of policy-relevant research, CEGA is identifying methodological tools and strategies that strengthen transparency and reproducibility in the social sciences.


CEGA is committed to strengthening the accuracy and validity of research for policy-making by integrating cutting-edge measurement technologies into field studies.

Opportunity Lab

A partner program of CEGA, the Berkeley Opportunity Lab (O-Lab) uses rigorous research to tackle issues surrounding poverty and inequality domestically and abroad.