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Insights from economics and psychology can improve the delivery of health services and promote positive outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

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Health systems play a central role in driving economic growth by supporting productivity, human capital development, well-being, and resilience. However, constraints to the delivery and adoption of health services—including reproductive health, mental health, and the treatment of communicable and non-communicable disease—can greatly undermine the effectiveness of these systems. CEGA’s interdisciplinary community of practice—including psychologists, economists, public health researchers, implementers, governments and private sector partners— examines both demand- and supply-side health sector challenges to inspire more cost-effective, high-impact health policies in low-income countries. The Health & Psychology portfolio provides catalytic funding to measure outcomes of health programming (especially behavioral health programming) in the Global South, synthesizes research findings, and develops partnerships with decision-makers to ensure that policies are informed by evidence and effective programs are scaled.

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Behavioral Economics in Reproductive Health Initiative

CEGA's research in health has advanced, in part, through the Behavioral Economics in Reproductive Health Initiative (BERI), a coordinated program of research launched in 2013 with support from the Hewlett Foundation. BERI seeks to improve health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa by testing interventions designed to promote better reproductive health decision-making. To date, BERI has provided over $825,000 to seven studies, each in a different country, on topics from goal-setting to social...

Psychology and Economics of Poverty

In 2018, CEGA established a new initiative focused on the Psychology and Economics of Poverty (PEP). PEP explores how preferences, beliefs, and decisions affect households living in poverty in low-income...

Health & Psychology Research

Financial InclusionHealth & Psychology

The Impact of PROGRESA on Health in Mexico

Paul Gertler
Health & Psychology

Primary School Deworming: Impacts on Child Health and Education

Edward Miguel
Health & Psychology

Social Incentives for Child Immunization & Pregnancy Care

Anne Karing
Health & Psychology

Maternal Mortality Risk and the Gender Gap in Desired Fertility

Nava Ashraf
Health & Psychology

WASH Benefits Study

Jack Colford et al
Health & Psychology

Source Dispensers and Home Delivery of Chlorine in Kenya

Edward Miguel
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