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At CEGA, we believe that evidence should be used to make decisions about how development funding is spent.

Through competitive grant-making, we fund actionable research that can be used by policymakers to inspire equitable growth. We believe that grant competitions generate the highest-quality research; attract new talent and mobilize networks; and foster stewardship, transparency, and fairness. Browse all CEGA-funded research projects—spanning diverse topical areas and over 55 countries—by applying the filters or clicking on the tiles below.


Misspecified Learning in Technology Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Fertilizer Use in China

Ao Wang | China
Global NetworksWork & Education

Demand for Vocational Training Programs Among Rwandan Youth

Aimable Nsabimana | Rwanda
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Implementing WASH and psychosocial stimulation interventions in Ethiopia

Mulusew J. Gerbaba | Ethiopia

Post-conflict Security Structures and Citizen Buy-In in Latin America

Aila Matanock |
Work & Education

Effects of Housing on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes for Children

Daniel Agness | Ethiopia
Work & Education

What Works for Women? Demand for Alternative Work Arrangements in Urban India

Shreya Sarkar | India
Work & Education

Examining Labor Market Frictions in Ethiopia

Sam Wang | Ethiopia
Health & Psychology

Experimentally Estimating the Value of a Statistical Life

Grady Killeen | Kenya
Institutions & GovernanceWork & Education

Employer-Employee Collusion and Payments Under the Table

Javier Feinmann | Brazil
Work & Education

Understanding the Constraints to Internal Migration

Gwyneth Miner | Kenya
Work & Education

Estimating the Impact of Formal Work Permits on Schooling Attainment Among Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Bailey Palmer | Jordan
Institutions & Governance

Gender, Elections, and Elite Capture: A natural policy experiment in rural India

Alyssa Heinze | India
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Effect of a shortened anti-TB regimen on treatment success in Kampala, Uganda

Jonathan Izudi | Uganda
Health & Psychology

Enculturating Psychological and Development Sciences: A Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa

Catherine Thomas | Kenya
Health & Psychology

Framing Education as a Legacy to Reduce Gender Gaps in Nigeria

Ayodele Dada | Nigeria
Health & Psychology

Financial Concerns, Cognitive Abilities, and Economic Decisions

Flavio Malagutti | Kenya
Health & Psychology

Benevolent and Paternalistic Discrimination

Nina Buchmann | Bangladesh
Health & Psychology

The Global Mental Health Burden of Historical Climate Change

Tamma Carleton |
Health & Psychology

The Long-Term Effects of Teachers' Gender Bias

Joan Martinez | Peru
Health & Psychology

Relative Wealth Salience and Adolescent Aspirations in Colombia

Becky Cardinali | Colombia
Health & Psychology

Psychological Spillovers and Impact Heterogeneity in a Graduation Program

Michael Carter | Paraguay

Youth Unemployment and Job Search: Is Doing Anything Better than Doing Nothing?

Michel Armel Ndayikeza |
Health & Psychology

Psychology of Poverty Literature Review

Research Project
Global NetworksInstitutions & Governance

Where do your loyalties lie? Party Switching and Voters’ Response in Nigeria

Victor Agboga | Nigeria
Global NetworksAgricultureInstitutions & Governance

The Impact of the Kenya 2008 Post-Election Violence on Rural Farm Households

Laura Nelima Barasa | Kenya
Global Networks

“Shades of Gray”: The Impact of Pastoralists Violent Conflict Frames on Citizens' Political Attitudes

Efobi Uchenna | Nigeria
Financial Inclusion

A Second Chance at Financial Inclusion: The Impact of Repayment Plans and Incentives on Delinquent Digital Credit Borrowers

Alfredo Burlando | Zambia
Data Science for DevelopmentTechnology

Unlocking Chinese Growth with Historical Satellites

Joel Ferguson | China
Work & Education

Misperceptions of Career Incentives and Turnover

Maximiliano Lauletta | Ethiopia
Energy & Environment

Driving Greener Mobility

Robert Pickmans | Rwanda

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