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At CEGA, we believe that evidence should be used to make decisions about how development funding is spent.

That’s why we invest in research that is actionable and can be used by policymakers to inspire equitable growth. Our portfolio of research projects spans 10 program areas and over 38 countries. For more information on the research projects we support, click on the tiles below.

Institutions & Governance

Beyond the Paycheck - Motivational tools for public school teachers

Julien Labonne
Institutions & Governance

Monitoring the performance of agents in public service delivery

Nicholas James Ryan
Institutions & Governance

Training Politicians to Better Serve

Siwan Anderson

Addressing gaps in Uganda’s health care delivery infrastructure

Wayne Sandholtz

Correcting an oversight: why do so many people still need eyeglasses?

Odyssia Ng
Work & Education

Meet Your Future: Job Search Effort and Aspirations of Young Jobseekers

Jeremy Magruder
Financial Inclusion

Take-up and Impact of Digital Repayment in Microfinance in Uganda

Frederico Finan
Work & Education

Getting Girls Back in School: The Returns to Alternative Education in Tanzania

Ketki Sheth
Global NetworksWork & Education

Evaluating peer-to-peer mentorship and human capital development among adolescent girls in Afghanistan

Elizabeth Lyons

Contract Farming and Technology Adoption in Kenya

Lorenzo Casaburi

Marketing, Tractor Coordination, and Technology Adoption

Christopher Udry
Data & Measurement

Cash Transfer Evaluation in Liberia

Jonathan Robinson

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