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At CEGA, we believe that evidence should be used to make decisions about how development funding is spent.

Through competitive grant-making, we fund actionable research that can be used by policymakers to inspire equitable growth. We believe that grant competitions generate the highest-quality research; attract new talent and mobilize networks; and foster stewardship, transparency, and fairness. Browse all CEGA-funded research projects—spanning diverse topical areas and over 40 countries—by applying the filters or clicking on the tiles below.

Health & Psychology

How does scarcity guide our attention?

Antonia Langenhoff | United States of America
Health & Psychology

Does Financial Scarcity Cause Parents to Speak Less to their Children?

Ruthe Foushee | India
Health & Psychology

The Role of Uncertainty in Commitment Device Take-Up

Alejandro Favela Nava | India
Health & Psychology

Brain development in the context of poverty: Factors predicting cognitive resilience

Monica Ellwood-Lowe | United States of America
Health & Psychology

As Expected, There Are Unexpected Costs

Sandy Campbell | United States of America
Health & Psychology

Poverty, Salience and Inter-temporal Decisions

Saika Belal | United States of America
Health & Psychology

Contextualizing Emotions: An Intervention to Increase Political Participation in Impoverished Populations

Melissa Baker | United States of America

Land Redistribution and Agricultural Transformation in Namibia

Dylan Groves | Namibia

Cassava as a Savings Mechanism in Uganda

Jedediah Silver | Uganda

Distribution of Benefits of Machine Ownership Schemes in Uganda

Matthew Suandi | Uganda

The Impact of Linking Farmers’ Cooperatives with a Maize Processor in Rwanda

Jonathan Robinson | Rwanda

The Impact of Information on Counterfeit Markets in Kenya

Eric Hsu | Kenya

How Contracts, Price Premiums, and Monitoring Drive Aflasafe Adoption in Senegal

Laura Schechter | Senegal

The Effect of Information on Bargaining, Corruption and Trade in Kenya and Uganda

Eleanor Wiseman | Kenya

Open Policy Analysis of a Progressive Wealth Tax

Emmanuel Saez |
Financial Inclusion

The Impacts of Liquidity Loans to Mobile Money Agents on Women Agents’ Empowerment, and Their Business and Transaction Behavior

Russell Toth | Myanmar
AgricultureFinancial Inclusion

Understanding the Barriers to Agricultural Credit for Women Farmers

Berber Kramer | India
Global NetworksFinancial Inclusion

The Effect of Labeling and Modern Depositing Mechanisms on Savings Behavior: A Pilot Study from Ethiopia

Jonathan Robinson | Ethiopia

The Impact of Formal Mechanization Access on Agricultural Productivity and Informal Rental Markets

Namrata Kala | India
AgricultureEnergy & EnvironmentTechnology

Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Practices Through Rental Markets

Seema Jayachandran | India

Quality-graded wheat value chain development and agricultural transformation in Ethiopia

Elisabeth Sadoulet | Ethiopia

Quantifying the Effect of Increased Output Prices on Input Usage: An Experiment with Rwanda’s Smart Subsidy System

Jonathan Robinson | Rwanda

Quality and Contracting in Agricultural Supply Chains

Lauren Falcao Bergquist | Ethiopia

Price Incentives and Coffee Quality in Uganda

Ameet Morjaria | Uganda

Connecting Farmers to Markets through a Marketing App

Jeremy Magruder | India
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Socioeconomic Support and Tuberculosis Preventive Therapy in Tanzania

Werner Maokola | Tanzania
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Impact of an instructional video for TB case detection in Tanzania

Grace Mhalu | Tanzania
Global NetworksWork & Education

The Returns to Scale: Stimulating Productivity in Firm Clusters in Uganda

Esau Tugume | Uganda
Global NetworksAgriculture

Using iBeacons to Track the Distribution of Patronage Goods

Muthoni Ng'ang'a | Kenya
Global NetworksFinancial InclusionTechnologyWork & Education

Can gender blinding policies promote female entrepreneurship? The role of discrimination and access to capital

Shibiru Melesse | Ethiopia
Work & Education

The Role of Discouragement in Shaping Long-Term Unemployment

Luisa Cefala | India

The Cost of Evading: Evidence on Tax Evasion Mitigation from Ecuador

Jakob Brounstein | Ecuador

Taming Counterfeit Markets with Consumer Information

Eric Hsu | Kenya
Health & Psychology

Poor and Inattentive

Nicholas Swanson | South Africa
Institutions & Governance

Pension Reforms and Labor Decisions in Brazil

Priscila de Oliveira | Brazil

Making the Paper Trail Paper-less: Tax Compliance and Informality

Felipe Vial | Chile
Work & Education

Labor Market Integration, Growth and Inequality: Evidence from China

Dennis Egger | China

Understanding Consumption Seasonality in Zambia

Ned Augenblick | Zambia
Work & Education

Social Norms, Technology Adoption, and Team Productivity

Oren Reshef | Bangladesh
Institutions & Governance

Conservative Parties and Women's Political Mobilization: Evidence from India

Anirvan Chowdhury | India
Global Networks

Unlocking the door to migration: BRAC’s Safe Migration Program

Narayan Das | Bangladesh
Institutions & GovernanceWork & Education

Recruitment, Effort, and Retention Effects of Performance Contracts for Civil Servants

Andrew Zeitlin | Rwanda
Data Science for DevelopmentInstitutions & GovernanceTechnology

Measuring the Effect of Technological Improvements and Compliance Nudges on Property Taxes

Marc Gurgand | Senegal
TechnologyWork & Education

Randomized Controlled Trial of Integrated Youth Activity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Jeremy Magruder | Democratic Republic of the Congo

Cash Transfer Evaluation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Jeremy Magruder | Democratic Republic of the Congo
Institutions & Governance

Using Administrative Data Systems to Improve Court Efficiency

Bilal Siddiqi | Tanzania
Institutions & Governance

Using Digital Trails to Improve Management and Accountability for Public Service

Rohini Pande | India
Institutions & Governance

Relaxing credit constraints and tenure insecurity in imperfect markets

Markus Goldstein | Uganda
Institutions & Governance

Improving the Effectiveness of Labor Courts Through Information and Conciliation

Joyce Sadka | Mexico
Institutions & Governance

Improving property tax collection in South Delhi

Yusuf Neggers | India
Institutions & Governance

Institutional reform and de facto women's rights

Erica Field | Pakistan
Institutions & Governance

Audit Selection under Weak Fiscal Capacity

Anne Brockmeyer | Senegal
Institutions & Governance

Performance-Based Incentives in Multi-Layered Organizations

Erika Deserranno | Sierra Leone
Institutions & Governance

Beyond the Paycheck - Motivational tools for public school teachers

Julien Labonne | Pakistan
Institutions & Governance

Monitoring the performance of agents in public service delivery

Nicholas James Ryan | India
Institutions & Governance

Training Politicians to Better Serve

Siwan Anderson | India
Global NetworksWork & Education

Meet Your Future: Job Search Effort and Aspirations of Young Jobseekers

Mary Namubiru | Uganda
Global NetworksFinancial Inclusion

Take-up and Impact of Digital Repayment in Microfinance in Uganda

Isabelle Cohen | Uganda
Global NetworksWork & Education

Getting Girls Back in School: The Returns to Alternative Education in Tanzania

Sk Tariquzzaman | Tanzania
Global NetworksWork & Education

Evaluating peer-to-peer mentorship and human capital development among adolescent girls in Afghanistan

Abdul Alim | Afghanistan

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