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Partnership is at the core of CEGA.

To solve thorny global development challenges, we work right alongside governments, multi-laterals, universities and think tanks, foundations, NGOs and corporations. Engaging with partners is essential for everything we do — from collecting surveys in the field, to translating insights into action.

Partner on a Learning Agenda

We are always looking for partners to help us define high-level research priorities and advance public knowledge. Our learning partners – including foundations, multi-laterals, governments, and private donors – help us identify areas that are ripe for innovation, and then target funding at the most promising research ventures.

Collaborate in the Field

If you are part of a government, NGO, or other service delivery organization, let’s explore how to embed rigorous field research into your programs and operations. Working together, we can design and evaluate new approaches for poverty reduction and economic development. If you lead a developing country think tank or university program, we are interested in research collaborations that facilitate two-way knowledge exchange and technology transfer. We also value your input on the next “big questions” CEGA researchers should tackle.

Share Data and Technology

If you are a tech developer, or your organization generates new kinds of data, we can collaborate on innovative use cases that harness your technology for public good. Our researchers work with a range of data sources and techniques – from remote sensing, IoT and machine learning, to administrative data and econometrics – to better understand the process of human development. We also bring deep field experience and a network of on-the-ground partners to help deploy prototype technologies in the field. Over the last few years, we have learned that a small investment in figuring out “what works” can have huge returns and improve millions of lives. We would like to continue to solving problems together.

Move Innovation Into Action

CEGA achieves impact by partnering with leading public service agencies and NGOs to scale up successful solutions. If you lead an economic or social development program, and you are interested in scaling evidence-driven innovations, we can help integrate field-tested approaches into your operations and management. We also offer executive education, through UC Berkeley, that equips policy-makers with the latest social and economic research.

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Join our effort to turn evidence into action by supporting CEGA. Your tax-deductible contribution supports innovative research, training for developing country researchers and graduate students, and the translation of evidence for policymaking.

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