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At CEGA, we believe that evidence should be used to make decisions about how development funding is spent.

Through competitive grant-making, we fund actionable research that can be used by policymakers to inspire equitable growth. We believe that grant competitions generate the highest-quality research; attract new talent and mobilize networks; and foster stewardship, transparency, and fairness. Browse all CEGA-funded research projects—spanning diverse topical areas and over 55 countries—by applying the filters or clicking on the tiles below.


Village Base Station (VBTS)

Kurtis Heimerl | Indonesia
Institutions & Governance

Traditional Chiefs, Climate Volatility, and Violence: Evidence from North-Central Nigeria

Catlan Reardon | Nigeria
Health & Psychology

Seasonal hunger in Zambia: Smoothing consumption through better planning

Supreet Kaur | Zambia
Work & Education

The Syrian Refugee Life Study

Samuel Leone | Jordan
Institutions & Governance

Bribery in Tunisia

Samuel Leone | Tunisia
Health & Psychology

The Effect of Cash Transfers on Intimate Partner Violence

Rebecca Hemono | Tanzania
Institutions & Governance

Mission-driven motivation and incentives in public sector

Muhammad Yasir Khan | Pakistan
Energy & Environment

Are credit constraints limiting demand for electricity? Evidence from Rwanda

Megan Lang | Rwanda
Health & Psychology

Empowering Women to Save for their Preferred Delivery

Calvin Chiu | Zambia
Health & Psychology

Cognitive Load and Naivete

David Zuckerman | United States of America
Health & Psychology

When and How Do Toddlers in Rural Western Kenya Understand the Representational Nature of Pictures?

Rebecca Zhu | Kenya
Health & Psychology

Projection bias in the uptake of agricultural technologies

Luisa Cefala | India
Health & Psychology

Causal determinants of educational aspirations in a social network of students

Julius Rueschenpohler | Indonesia
Health & Psychology

Depressive beliefs and misperceived social norms in Kenya

Nicholas Otis | Kenya
Health & Psychology

The Burden of Holding Debt

Alejandro Martinez Marquina | United States of America
Health & Psychology

How does scarcity guide our attention?

Antonia Langenhoff | United States of America
Health & Psychology

Does Financial Scarcity Cause Parents to Speak Less to their Children?

Ruthe Foushee | India
Health & Psychology

The Role of Uncertainty in Commitment Device Take-Up

Alejandro Favela Nava | India
Health & Psychology

Brain development in the context of poverty: Factors predicting cognitive resilience

Monica Ellwood-Lowe | United States of America
Health & Psychology

As Expected, There Are Unexpected Costs

Sandy Campbell | United States of America
Health & Psychology

Poverty, Salience and Inter-temporal Decisions

Saika Belal | United States of America
Health & Psychology

Contextualizing Emotions: An Intervention to Increase Political Participation in Impoverished Populations

Melissa Baker | United States of America

Land Redistribution and Agricultural Transformation in Namibia

Dylan Groves | Namibia

Cassava as a Savings Mechanism in Uganda

Jedediah Silver | Uganda

Distribution of Benefits of Machine Ownership Schemes in Uganda

Matthew Suandi | Uganda

The Impact of Linking Farmers’ Cooperatives with a Maize Processor in Rwanda

Jonathan Robinson | Rwanda

The Impact of Information on Counterfeit Markets in Kenya

Eric Hsu | Kenya

How Contracts, Price Premiums, and Monitoring Drive Aflasafe Adoption in Senegal

Laura Schechter | Senegal

The Effect of Information on Bargaining, Corruption and Trade in Kenya and Uganda

Eleanor Wiseman | Kenya

Open Policy Analysis of a Progressive Wealth Tax

Emmanuel Saez |

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