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The Agribroom App: Targeted Bundled Digital Agricultural Technology for Inclusive Agricultural Productivity

Agriculture Nigeria

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Study Context

In Nigeria, small-scale farmers in rural areas often lack access to timely, affordable, and quality farm inputs, such as fertilizers and herbicides. Specifically, very few input suppliers might service their area, and farmers must travel long distances to access inputs, if they can access them at all. If farmers have access to farm inputs and appropriate information on how to use them, they might be able to improve the productivity of their farms. This pilot study asks: Can a new digital platform impact farming households’ access to farm inputs and related advisory services? How does the platform interact with women’s welfare and decision-making, as well as the household’s overall welfare and prosperity?

Study Design

Researchers are partnering with Agrisol and Training Hub, a Nigerian Agricultural Service Company that matches farmers seeking farm inputs with input producers. Farmers place orders for inputs digitally. Orders are then aggregated, sent to contracted input producers, and delivered to the nearest redemption point for each farmer/customer location. Field officers deliver inputs, carry out farmers’ verification, clear the orders, and reach out to additional farmers who might be interested in the service. Participant farmers also receive related advisory services on how to use farm inputs optimally.

Researchers will assess the take-up of the digital platform, input purchases, and prices and measure the monetary value of maize output. The pilot will prepare for a randomized evaluation to generate new evidence on the impact of bundling access to farm inputs with relevant advisory services.

Results and Policy Lessons

This pilot is ongoing, and results findings are forthcoming.

  • Fakayode Segun Bamidele
  • Toyin Olugbemi
  • Toyin Olowogbon
  • Aaron Yoder
  • Agrisol and Training Hub

2024 — ongoing

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