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At CEGA, we believe that evidence should inform decisions about how development funding is spent.

Through competitive grant-making, we fund actionable research that can be used by policymakers to improve lives. We believe that grant competitions generate the highest-quality research, attract new talent and mobilize networks, and foster stewardship, transparency, and fairness. Below you can browse all CEGA-funded research projects—spanning dozens of topic areas and over 61 countries.


Studying the Effect of Adopting Regenerative Agriculture Practices on Smallholder Farmer Livelihoods

Aprajit Mahajan | Rwanda

Creating a Market for High-Quality Cassava Cuttings: The Role of Quality Certification and Demand Stimulation

Jonathan Robinson | Rwanda
Financial Inclusion

Leveraging Payment Data for Greater Gender Equity in Credit Scoring

Paul Gertler | Mexico
Financial Inclusion

Agricultural Credit, Insurance and Over-Indebtedness Among Smallholder Farmers

Berber Kramer | India
Financial Inclusion

Provably Private Data for Targeting Humanitarian Aid

Nitin Kohli | Togo
Financial Inclusion

Impact of Digital Credit on Low-Income Women in Nigeria

Olayinka David-West | Nigeria
Global NetworksInstitutions & Governance

Tax Reform and Political Economy Outcomes in Nigeria

Jubril Animashaun | Nigeria
Gender and AgencyGlobal NetworksInstitutions & Governance

Gender Issues in Nation-Building Projects: The Case of Eritrea

Freweini Tekle |
Global NetworksFinancial Inclusion

Who Will Pay for Your Sin? Investigating the Cooperative and Strategic Behavior of Ugandan Group Members

Vincent Odwar | Uganda
Financial Inclusion

“My data or yours?” Unraveling Privacy Among Consumers of Digital Credit in India

Janaki Srinivasan (IIIT-Bangalore) | India
Financial Inclusion

Decoding Digitally Enabled Financial Privacy: What it Means for Women

Prachi Jain | Kenya
Financial Inclusion

Using Digital Finance to Incentivize Clean Fuel Transitions

Kelsey Jack | Ghana
Financial Inclusion

Assessing the Utility of Differential Privacy for RCTs

Aleksandra Slavkovic |
Institutions & GovernanceWork & Education

The Economic Impact of Audits

David Henning |
Work & Education

Impact of Land Titling and Housing on Slum Dwellers

Sabareesh Ramachandran | India
Work & Education

What Works for Her? How Work-from-home Digital Jobs Affect Female Labor Force Participation

Suhani Jalota | India
Health & Psychology

We Don't Talk About Boys: An experiment on masculinity norms in Brazil

Ieda Matavelli | Brazil
Global NetworksWork & Education

Minding Women’s Time: Pilot Study

Bezawit Adugna Bahru | Ethiopia

Misspecified Learning in Technology Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Fertilizer Use in China

Ao Wang | China
Global NetworksWork & Education

Demand for Vocational Training Programs Among Rwandan Youth

Aimable Nsabimana | Rwanda
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Implementing WASH and psychosocial stimulation interventions in Ethiopia

Mulusew J. Gerbaba | Ethiopia

Post-conflict Security Structures and Citizen Buy-In in Latin America

Aila Matanock |
Work & Education

Effects of Housing on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes for Children

Daniel Agness | Ethiopia
Work & Education

What Works for Women? Demand for Alternative Work Arrangements in Urban India

Shreya Sarkar | India
Work & Education

Examining Labor Market Frictions in Ethiopia

Sam Wang | Ethiopia
Health & Psychology

Experimentally Estimating the Value of a Statistical Life

Grady Killeen | Kenya
Institutions & GovernanceWork & Education

Employer-Employee Collusion and Payments Under the Table

Javier Feinmann | Brazil
Work & Education

Understanding the Constraints to Internal Migration

Gwyneth Miner | Kenya
Work & Education

Estimating the Impact of Formal Work Permits on Schooling Attainment Among Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Bailey Palmer | Jordan
Institutions & Governance

Gender, Elections, and Elite Capture: A natural policy experiment in rural India

Alyssa Heinze | India

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