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Making smart investments in clean energy can protect the environment while meeting rising global demand for power.

CEGA Work Sector - Energy & Environment


In the coming decades, the most rapid growth in population, economic activity, and energy demand is expected to come from developing countries. Meanwhile, much of the growth in energy demand is being met with technologies and practices that pollute the environment and exacerbate climate change. Currently, decisions about expanding electricity access, ensuring reliability, increasing energy efficiency, and promoting clean energy technologies are made without robust information about the potential social and economic impacts of those investments. CEGA affiliates bring expertise to bear in understanding how energy investments and policies can most effectively achieve development goals while minimizing environmental costs. Importantly, we are committed to engaging government and industry partners as active participants throughout the research process in order to increase ownership over research results and ultimately strengthen the link between evidence and policy.

  • UK Aid from the British People (supporter)
  • Oxford Policy Management
  • Energy Institute at Haas


Energy and Economic Growth

Energy and Economic Growth (EEG), an applied research program funded by the UK government through UK Aid and in partnership with Oxford Policy Management, commissions rigorous research exploring how investments in large-scale energy systems—including energy supply, regulation, efficiency, and clean energy technology—contribute to poverty reduction and economic growth in low-income...

Energy & Environment Research

Energy & Environment

Are credit constraints limiting demand for electricity? Evidence from Rwanda

Megan Lang
AgricultureEnergy & EnvironmentTechnology

Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Practices Through Rental Markets

Seema Jayachandran
Energy & EnvironmentTechnology

Ozone & Aerosol Exposure Maps for Climate Health & Agricultural Impact Assessments

Jennifer Burney
Data & MeasurementEnergy & EnvironmentTechnology

A Novel Approach to Monitoring Grid Reliability

Catherine Wolfram
Energy & Environment

Behavioral Biases in Household Energy Spending

Susanna Berkouwer
Energy & Environment

Governance and Reliability of Electricity Microgrids

Muhammad Yasir Kahn
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Energy & Environment Resources

Energy & EnvironmentHealth & Psychology

Slides: Destructive Behavior, Judgement, and Economic Decision-making Under Thermal Stress - Robert Pickmans (SEEDEC 2019)

Presentations   |   Energy & Environment
Energy & Environment

EEG Policy Workshop Program Nepal

Event Collateral   |   Energy & Environment
Energy & Environment

EEG: Theme 2 Paper 2 Neil McCulloch

Presentations   |   Energy & Environment
Energy & Environment

EEG: Climate Change Paper Sam Fankhauser

Presentations   |   Energy & Environment
Energy & Environment

EEG: Theme 3 Paper 1 Meredith Fowlie

Presentations   |   Energy & Environment
Energy & Environment

EEG: Theme 3 Paper 2 Ken Lee

Presentations   |   Energy & Environment
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