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Innovations in remote sensing, IoT, machine learning, and big data analytics allow us to understand and track outcomes related to global poverty with far greater accuracy (and frequency) than ever before.

CEGA Work Theme - Data Science for Development


Data is being generated in real-time and is becoming easier to analyze in an integrated way. Satellites map our physical environment; billions of mobile phone records are generated every day; troves of crowdsourced text and image data go online every minute. Methods emerging from data science leverage these “big” data sources, along with survey data, to change the way we measure global development. Machine Learning advances in particular offer approaches to scaling data analytics in low- and middle-income countries where traditional data sources are lacking. CEGA leverages partnerships with data scientists, engineers, and social scientists in universities and Silicon Valley to promote the integration of new data sources such as satellite imagery, mobile devices, and sensor networks into development research.


United States Agency for International Development


Pulte Institute for Global Development

Institute of International Studies

Development Impact Evaluation (DIME), World Bank Group

Development Economics Data Group (DECDG), World Bank Group

New Light Technologies (NLT)

Scientific Directors


Geospatial Analysis for Development

CEGA and New Light Technologies (NLT) are combining forces to harness geospatial and remote sensing technology for global development researchers. The Geo4Dev initiative will integrate NLT's cutting edge data, trainings, and technologies with CEGA's affiliate network to advance the frontiers of development economics for policy...

Targeting Aid Better

CEGA’s Targeting Aid Better ("Targeting") initiative facilitates the use of novel methods (including those leveraging AI and big data) to improve the targeting of social protection programs in low- and middle-income countries. We are especially interested in working with government and NGO partners to quickly deliver financial resources to the most vulnerable households and small businesses in the wake of...

Data Science for Development Research

Data Science for DevelopmentTechnologyWork & Education

Using High-Resolution Satellite Data to Evaluate The Impact of New Business

Gordon Hanson | India
Data Science for Development

Detecting Social Networks with Satellite Imagery

Jeremy Magruder | Malawi
Global NetworksData Science for DevelopmentHealth & Psychology

Remote Sensing and Estimation of Household Welfare in South Sudan

Reajul Chowdhury | South Sudan
Data Science for DevelopmentTechnology

High Resolution Development Indicators

Joshua Blumenstock | Afghanistan
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Data Science for Development Resources

Data Science for DevelopmentTechnology

(Machine) Learning What Governments Value

Working Paper   |   Technology
Data Science for DevelopmentFinancial InclusionTechnologyWork & Education

Targeting Development Aid with Machine Learning and Mobile Phone Data

Working Paper   |   Financial Inclusion
Health & Psychology

Video: "Diagnosing bias with machine learning" - Ziad Obermeyer (E2A 2019)

Presentations   |   Health & Psychology
Data Science for DevelopmentFinancial InclusionTechnology

Video: Josh Blumenstock | Targeting Anti-Poverty Programs Using Mobile Phone Data

Presentations   |   Financial Inclusion
Data Science for DevelopmentTechnology

Video: Josh Blumenstock | Fighting Poverty with Data

Presentations   |   Technology
Data Science for DevelopmentTechnology

Video: Keynote Address - Joshua Blumenstock | MeasureDev2020

Presentations   |   Technology
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