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The promise and pitfalls of artificial intelligence for global development

News | Jan 23 2018

The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution is all over the agenda at the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, Switzerland, this week. But what can the global development community do to ensure that this new era of technological advancement does not leave the poorest falling further behind?

DAVOS, Switzerland — This week, as leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss how to “create a shared future in a fractured world,” many of the conversations will center on the role of humans and robots in a future of automation or augmentation.

The teaser for a breakfast conversation that Microsoft is hosting on the promise and pitfalls of artificial intelligence captures the challenges and the opportunity well: “AI offers profound potential benefits and the opportunity to help tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues including accelerating economic growth, tackling the urgent issues of environmental sustainability, and transforming healthcare,” it reads. “But the accelerating pace of technology-driven change is also creating disruption and anxiety. It risks contributing to a sense of a fractured world, between a small group of people who benefit and a broader group of people who fear that they are being left behind. We need to come together to chart a path forward that ensures AI contributes to building a positive shared future for every community.”

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