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To achieve shared prosperity in the 21st century, workers need access to high-quality education, creative new job opportunities, and smart social safety nets.

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Investments in human capital stretch across the lifespan—from early child development and school-based learning, to vocational training and job assistance. These investments consume a massive share of the public spend in most developing countries, often with disappointing outcomes. At the same time, labor markets are being radically transformed by advances in technology—from online job portals that reduce search costs, to new forms of automation and the rise of the gig economy. CEGA’s approach to Work and Education is three-fold: 1) to identify cost-effective investments in human capital, including youth and adult education; 2) to expose innovative new streams of employment that are resilient to technological disruption, including through growth in small and medium enterprises; and 3) to partner with governments to build ecosystems, amenities, and regulatory frameworks that support the future of work. Running throughout this portfolio is a focus on technologies, and the ways that they can positively and negatively affect equitable growth.

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Work & Education Research

Financial InclusionHealth & PsychologyWork & Education

The Syrian Refugee Life Study

Edward Miguel
Global NetworksWork & Education

The Returns to Scale: Stimulating Productivity in Firm Clusters in Uganda

Vittorio Bassi
Global NetworksFinancial InclusionTechnologyWork & Education

Can gender blinding policies promote female entrepreneurship? The role of discrimination and access to capital

Ketki Sheth
Work & Education

The Role of Discouragement in Shaping Long-Term Unemployment

Luisa Cefala
Work & Education

Labor Market Integration, Growth and Inequality: Evidence from China

Dennis Egger
Work & Education

Social Norms, Technology Adoption, and Team Productivity

Oren Reshef
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Work & Education Resources

Global NetworksHealth & PsychologyWork & Education

Slides: Girls' Education and HIV Risk (EASST2019)

Presentations   |   Health & Psychology
AgricultureWork & Education

Video: Risk preferences among small farmers in Lesotho - Noemi Pace (SEEDEC 2019)

Presentations   |   Agriculture
Work & Education

Video: An Experiment on Parental Preferences for Educational Investment - Rebecca Dizon-Ross (SEEDEC 2019)

Presentations   |   Work & Education
Work & Education

Video: How Does Relative Performance Feedback Affect Beliefs and Academic Decisions? - Catalina Franco (SEEDEC 2019)

Presentations   |   Work & Education
Work & Education

Video: Do Identity Concerns Affect Labor Supply? - Suanna Oh (SEEDEC 2019)

Presentations   |   Work & Education
Work & Education

Slides: How Does Relative Performance Feedback Affect Beliefs and Academic Decisions? by Catalina Franco (SEEDEC 2019)

Presentations   |   Work & Education
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