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By merging insights from engineering and the social sciences, we can harness the power of technology to connect people with opportunities while minimizing economic disruption and digital divides.

CEGA Work Sector - Technology


Economic growth and wellbeing are increasingly driven by technological advances–from big-data, mobile computing and automation, to digital connectivity and the creation of new infrastructure. These innovations are transforming access to information, labor markets, human capital development, and productivity across the world, particularly in low-income countries. CEGA works across disciplines and sectors to design, evaluate, and support potential high-impact technologies that empower the poor and grow economies. Research competitions fund proposals in every stage of the innovation life cycle, resulting in a portfolio of projects at the cutting edge of energy infrastructure, the internet of things, microscopy, artificial intelligence and more.

  • Blum Center for Developing Economies


Cash Benchmarking

CEGA is partnering with USAID and GiveDirectly to develop new methods for comparing traditional development programming to a benchmark of cost-equivalent digital cash...

Development Impact Lab

The Development Impact Lab (DIL), launched in 2012 with the support of USAID, supports the basic scientific research, prototyping, scaling, and rigorous impact evaluation for technologies for development. DIL established the new field of Development Engineering, integrating insights from development economics to bolster the impact of advanced technological innovations being deployed in developing countries and has supported more than 100 research projects in more than 35...

Technology Research


Exploring the Use of Mobile Money Services among Tea SACCOs in Rwanda

Jenna Burrell | Rwanda
Data Science for DevelopmentTechnology

Unlocking Chinese Growth with Historical Satellites

Joel Ferguson | China

Using Cell Phone Based Microscopy to Diagnose Schistosomiasis In Cote d'Ivoire

Daniel Fletcher | Côte d'Ivoire

Studying the Use of Mobile Money Platforms Among Savings Groups in Rwanda 

Mercyline Kamande | Rwanda

GridWatch Phase II

Catherine Wolfram | Ghana
Data Science for DevelopmentTechnology

Low-Cost Air Pollution Monitoring

Engineer Bainomugisha | Uganda
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Technology Resources

Data Science for DevelopmentTechnology

Multi-Task Observation Using Satellites and Kitchen Sinks (MOSAIKS) English Two-Pager Brief

Reports & Policy Briefs   |   Technology

Big Data Privacy in Emerging Market Fintech and Financial Services: A Research Agenda

Working Paper   |   Technology

How Syrian Refugees Engage with Online Information

Working Paper   |   Technology

Privacy Guarantees for Personal Mobility Data in Humanitarian Response

Working Paper   |   Technology

Competitive Model Selection in Algorithmic Targeting

Working Paper   |   Technology

High-resolution rural poverty mapping in Pakistan with ensemble deep learning

Working Paper   |   Technology
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