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Psychology and Economics of Poverty Convening 2022

Health & Psychology Conference   |  past event  |  Apr 01 2022

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New, interdisciplinary research has uncovered how facets of our psychology–including cognition, beliefs, aspirations, and norms–impact decision-making, with downstream consequences for health, economic outcomes, and well-being. This work is especially important in the context of poverty and resource scarcity, where findings can be used to design programs that improve lives.

On April 1st, 2022, CEGA’s fourth annual Psychology and Economics of Poverty (PEP) Convening brought researchers, implementing partners, and policymakers together to share original work in this space.  


Please find a PDF of the agenda at this link. Speakers denoted by italics and an asterisk.


Welcome and Introduction


A Framework for the Psychology of Poverty: An Overview

Ye Rang Park, UC Berkeley (Developmental Psychology)*


Session 1: Biological Underpinnings

One Size Does Not Fit All: Neural Correlates of High Performance are Different for Children in Poverty

Monica Ellwood-Lowe, UC Berkeley (Psychology)*, Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli, C. N. Irving, Silvia A. Bunge

Paper 1, Paper 2, Slides, Recording

Genetics, Economic Choices, and Socioeconomic Status

Leandro Carvalho, University of Southern California (CESR, Economics)*

Abstract, Slides, Recording

Session 2: Mental Health and Well-Being

The Long-Run Effects of Psychotherapy on Depression, Beliefs, and Preferences

Bhargav Bhat, Jonathan de Quidt, Johannes Haushofer, Vikram Patel, Gautam Rao, Harvard (Economics)*, Frank Schilbach, Pierre-Luc Vautrey

Paper Draft, Slides, Recording

Long-Term Effects of Cash Transfer Programmes on Adolescents’ and Young Adults’ Mental Health and Its Social Determinants: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Three Countries

Annie Zimmerman, Crick Lund, Ricardo Araya, Sara Evans-Lacko, London School of Economics and Political Science, (Health Policy, Mental Health)*, Yadira Diaz, Juliana Sanchez Ariza, Philipp Hessel, Emily Garman, Mauricio Avendano

Slides, Recording

The Economic Impact of Depression Treatment in India

Manuela Angelucci, Daniel Bennett, University of Southern California (Economics)*

Abstract, Slides, Recording

A Randomized Controlled Trial Varying Unconditional Cash Transfer Amounts in the United States

Ania Jaroszewicz, Harvard University (Behavioral Economics)*, Jon Jachimowicz, Oliver P. Hauser, Julian Jamison

Extended Abstract, Slides, Recording

Panel Discussion: Mental Health Research – Challenges and Opportunities. Moderator: Gautam Rao, Harvard University (Economics) with Supreet Kaur, UC Berkeley (Economics), Mahesh Srinivasan, UC Berkeley (Psychology)


Session 3: Aspirations, Stigma and Beliefs

Hope and Poverty in Development Economics: Emerging Insights and Frontiers

Travis J. Lybbert, UC Davis (Agricultural and Resource Economics)*, Bruce Wydick

Paper Draft, Slides, Recording

The Future in Mind: Aspirations and Future-Oriented Behaviour in Rural Ethiopia

Tanguy Bernard, Stefan Dercon, Kate Orkin, Giulio Schinaia, University of Oxford (Economics)*, Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse

Abstract, Slides, Recording

An Aspiring Friend Is a Friend Indeed: School Peers and College Aspirations in Brazil

Jessica Gagete-Miranda, University of Milano-Bicocca (Public Policy, Economics)*

Paper Draft, Slides, Recording

It’s Not Your Fault: Reducing Stigma Increases Take-up of Government Programs

Jessica Lasky-Fink, UC Berkeley (Public Policy)*, Elizabeth Linos


Session 3: Aspirations, Stigma and Beliefs – Lightning Talks

Poor Expectations: Experimental Evidence on Teacher’s Stereotypes and Student Assessment

Maria Gabriela Farfan Bertran, Alaka Holla, World Bank (Economics)*, Renos Vakis

Paper, Slides, Recording

Does Relative Deprivation Condition the Effects of Social Protection Programs on Political Support? Experimental Evidence from Pakistan

Katrina Kosec, Cecilia Hyunjung Mo, UC Berkeley (Political Science)*

Paper Draft, Slides, Recording

Poverty, Social Disadvantage, and Parental Beliefs about Academic Performance: Evidence from India

Madeline Duhon, UC Berkeley (Economics)*

Slides, Recording

Panel Discussion: Aspirations, Stigma and Related Research. Moderators: Hazel Markus, Stanford University (Psychology), Catherine Thomas, Stanford University (Psychology)


Session 4: Scarcity and Cognition

Reconsidering the Scarcity Mindset: Greater Focus and Attentional Neglect?

Fiona tho Pesch, Max Planck Institute (Psychology)*, Antonia Langenhoff, Mahesh Srinivasan

Abstract, Slides, Recording

Financial Conditions, Sleeplessness and Cognition

Claire Duquennois, University of Pittsburgh (Economics)*, Maulik Jagnani

Extended Abstract, Slides, Recording

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