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The Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) is dedicated to providing a harassment-free event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, age, education, appearance, religion, or other group status. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. Event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled at the discretion of event organizers.

This Code of Conduct outlines expectations for all event attendees, including speakers, participants, and organizers, of any CEGA event, both online and in-person. It also details steps for reporting unacceptable behavior and outlines how CEGA staff will enforce this code.


CEGA is dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion, and the free expression of ideas. CEGA seeks to provide an environment in which diverse participants may learn, network, and enjoy the company of colleagues in an environment of mutual human respect. We recognize a shared responsibility to create and hold that environment for the benefit of all. Some behaviors, therefore, are specifically prohibited:


Participants who are asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. If a participant engages in harassing behavior, event organizers retain the right to take any actions to keep the event a welcoming environment for all participants. This includes expulsion from the event.

Event organizers may take action to redress anything designed to, or with the clear impact of, disrupting the event or making the environment hostile for any participants. We expect participants to follow these rules at all event venues and event-related social activities.


If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, or if you believe a harassment problem exists, please report it as soon as possible to any CEGA staff member. CEGA staff are required to immediately relay all reports to Center leadership. If event organizers or CEGA leadership may have a conflict of interest, please pass along reports to members of the CEGA Faculty Advisory Board (see Scientific Directors on the CEGA website). Reports of sexual harassment or violence made to UC Berkeley staff may be reported to the The Office of the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD).

When filing a report, please do your best to describe the incident or behavior, including the offender’s identity, timing, location, circumstances surrounding the incident, other people involved in the incident, if there are any public records available (emails, chats, images, etc.), whether the incident is ongoing, and any other information that can help us make an appropriate decision.


The PATH to Care Office (confidential advocate office) offers a 24 hour urgent support. Care Line: 510-643-2005


The language in this policy was adapted from the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) 2017 Conference Code of Conduct and the Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) Code of Conduct (with permission from conference organizers), which in turn are based on language provided by the Geek Feminism wiki and American Library Association.

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