Video Highlights from Big Data Event

Check out these video recaps and academic resources from CEGA’s AI for Economic Development conference, held on March 1 with the World Bank. The events focused on the role of big data in research on global poverty and inequality.

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CEGA Releases May 2018 Impact Note
This month's Impact Note features Video Highlights from Big Data Events, Marshall Burke's Op-Ed in The Hill, Psychology & Economics of Poverty Convening, and the upcoming EASST Summit in Kampala, Uganda

Inferring Socio-economic Attributes with Mobile Phone Data
CEGA affiliate Josh Blumenstock has a new paper in the annual AEA Papers and Proceedings. The paper uses datasets from Afghanistan and Rwanda to show that phone data can be used to estimate individual wealth in different economic contexts, when models are trained in the target population.

Hiring Cash Benchmarking Research Associate/Manager
CEGA is hiring a Research Associate/Manager who will be responsible for coordinating across multiple cash studies to ensure that the results from each can be easily compared, and to maximize generalizability. For details, visit this link or see the attached document. To apply, please visit and search for Job ID# 25218.

Benefits of Digital Financial Services
CEGA affiliate Paul Gertler and Postdoc Sean Higgins have a new paper in the annual AEA Papers and Proceedings. Their research shows that savings-linked debit cards reduce the distance that customers need to travel to reach their banks, and increase both the number of withdrawals made and amount saved by recipients of Mexico’s Oportunidades cash transfer program.

Payment Delays and Overdrafts in Rural Ghana
A new paper by CEGA affiliate Simone Schaner was published in the annual AEA Papers and Proceedings. Schaner and coauthors uses administrative data from a rural bank in Ghana to show that late salary payments--a common shock workers face in developing countries--increase the chance that workers will overdraft their bank accounts, a pattern that may reinforce cycles of debt.