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BITSS’ Pre-Results Review, Preprints & Open Social Science MOOC

The Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) is accepting working papers through its BITSS Preprints service; running a new offering of the Transparent and Open Social Science MOOC; and encouraging submissions for Pre-Results Review at the Journal of Development Economics. Click through to read more.

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CEGA Releases June 2018 Impact Note
This month's Impact Note features PBS NewsHour coverage on Rural Electrification in Kenya, CEGA affiliates on air pollution and infant mortality, DIL's State of the Science event, and CEGA's Convening on Refugees & Migration.

PBS NewsHour on Rural Electrification in Kenya
This PBS NewsHour segment on rural electrification in Kenya provides a compelling overview of CEGA’s Rural Electric Power Project (REPP). It features findings from a 2015 paper on the share of "under grid" households with access to power, as well as ongoing research on the impacts of rural electrification, led by CEGA Faculty Director Ted Miguel and affiliates Eric Brewer andCatherine Wolfram, in close collaboration with the Kenyan government. 

Hiring Energy Graduate Student Researcher
We're hiring a GSR to work with CEGA faculty affiliates on a project involving an evaluation of off-grid solar home systems in Uganda. The project is being carried out in partnership with the Resilient Africa Network (RAN) and a local solar partner. For details and how to apply, visit this link. The application closes Aug 24, 2018 11:59 pm PDT, apply now!

Burke & Burney on Air Pollution and Infant Mortality
CEGA affiliates Marshall Burke and Jennifer Burney have published a groundbreaking paper on the relationship between air pollution and infant mortality, finding that air pollution is responsible for 1 in 5 child deaths in sub-Saharan Africa. Their work has been covered by NatureQuartz AfricaStanford News, and explained in this informative video by Stanford’s Center on Food Security and the Environment.

Payment Delays and Overdrafts in Rural Ghana
A new paper by CEGA affiliate Simone Schaner was published in the annual AEA Papers and Proceedings. Schaner and coauthors uses administrative data from a rural bank in Ghana to show that late salary payments--a common shock workers face in developing countries--increase the chance that workers will overdraft their bank accounts, a pattern that may reinforce cycles of debt.