Measuring Poverty with Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning

In a new study by CEGA affiliates Marshall Burke and David Lobell, applying machine-learning techniques to high-resolution daytime satellite imagery, combined with nighttime lighting imagery, provides an innovative approach to remotely measuring poverty. The resulting data offers a reliable, accurate, and inexpensive means of estimating poverty in developing countries.

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How Satellite Imagery Could Help Anti-Poverty Policies
Marshall Burke recently discussed his work using satellite imagery to indicate poverty and wealth in an interview with BBC’s "Science in Action" program.

Teacher Transfers in Uganda
Would a centralized teacher transfer system help to improve job performance in Uganda? EASST fellow Dr. Saint Kizito Omala was recently interviewed about a project done in collaboration with CEGA affiliates Frederico Finan and Ernesto Dal Bo, which examines this question.

Will voters support new climate change policies in Sub-Saharan Africa?
A recent article in Environmental Science and Policy by Nick Obradovich and Bridget Zimmerman explores this question and investigates additional obstacles to the implementation of climate change policies, drawing on research done during their 2014 CEGA Levin Fellowship. Findings suggest that new climate change policies in Sub-Saharan Africa may face greater political difficulty (domestically) than many international policymakers are anticipating.

CEGA is Growing!
It’s the perfect time join CEGA! We are expanding our team with and opening for a Technology and Development Program Manager.

Positive Effects of War
New research on post-war Sierra Leone indicates that survivors of violent conflict are more engaged in their communities, more trusting, and more altruistic compared to neighbors who did not experience conflict. The paper, co-authored by CEGA Faculty Director Ted Miguel, Joseph Henrich, and Chris Blattman, was recently highlighted in the Washington Post, and explores these positive effects after war and how communities rebuild.