Summer Impact Note

CEGA welcomes new affiliates, the Development Engineering journal (Dev Eng) has launched, and the Energy for Economic Growth research initiative in now underway. Read more on the latest Impact Note.

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Small Farmers and Crop Diversity
A recent article in Smithsonian Magazine explores the ever evolving relationship between humans and agriculture to consider what comes next, as new technology and globalized food markets shape what we eat. CEGA affiliate Mary Kay Gugerty contributes to the discussion, addressing the challenge facing small farmers in developing countries to grow marketable products, and how the business of agriculture then influences global crop diversity.

Reducing Corruption in Developing Countries
In a recent Ted Talk, CEGA affiliate James D. Long discusses the use of technology as a means to empower citizens, reducing institutional corruption and improving the quality of governance through increased accountability.

CEGA is Growing!
It’s the perfect time join CEGA! We are expanding our team with openings for the following full-time positions: Global Networks Program ManagerTechnology and Development Program ManagerResearch Transparency Program Associate

Positive Effects of War
New research on post-war Sierra Leone indicates that survivors of violent conflict are more engaged in their communities, more trusting, and more altruistic compared to neighbors who did not experience conflict. The paper, co-authored by CEGA Faculty Director Ted Miguel, Joseph Henrich, and Chris Blattman, was recently highlighted in the Washington Post, and explores these positive effects after war and how communities rebuild.


Handbook of Field Experiments
Our partner the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) recently launched an exciting Handbook of Field Experiments that brings together papers from some of the best experts in the field, with 15 of the 17 papers now available for free online. The Handbook highlights work by CEGA Faculty Director Ted Miguel and CEGA affiliates Pascaline DupasFrederico FinanAlain de Janvry, and Elisabeth Sadoulet.