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CEGA Initiative - East Africa Social Science Translation Collaborative

East Africa Social Science Translation Collaborative


Established in 2011, The East Africa Social Science Translation (EASST) Collaborative is a multi-institution research network with a mission to promote scientific evaluation of social and economic development programs in East Africa. EASST seeks, in the short-term, to build regional leadership in the generation of rigorous, policy-relevant social science research. In the long-term, the network seeks to increase the use of high-quality evidence in the design of social policies, programs, and institutions throughout the East Africa region, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and South Sudan.


Visiting Fellowship and Catalyst Grants

The cornerstone of EASST is inviting East African scholars to apply for a competitive, semester long residential fellowship at UC Berkeley. To date, EASST has trained 30 researchers from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, focused on diverse topics related to health, education, governance, and agriculture. Six to eight selected fellows per year audit courses on impact evaluation, international development, and econometrics; present research; attend seminars; develop curricula; design collaborative research projects; and build their networks. Upon returning to their home institutions, they are awarded “catalyst grants” to institutionalize rigorous evidence generation within universities and governments by conducting trainings and incorporating their learnings into curriculum development. Through catalyst grants, fellows have gone on to train over 1000 students, faculty, and policymakers in East Africa in impact evaluation methods through short-courses at their home institutions.

Funding Research & Policy Engagement

EASST competitively awards research grants to stimulate joint research projects between East African Researchers and CEGA faculty, and contribute to the evidence base for development in East Africa. EASST also awards Policy and Partnership Grants to fellows to facilitate their involvement with scale-up activities, policy convenings, or the creation of working relationships with relevant stakeholders to expand the reach of evidence generated by impact evaluations.

Annual EASST Summit

Held annually in East Africa, the EASST Summit brings together EASST fellows, CEGA faculty, policymakers, East African faculty and students, and media representatives in the region to disseminate the latest research findings and forge new connections. Since its inception, EASST has organized 8 summits in East Africa.

Supporting Partners
  • National Institutes of Health
  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Anonymous Donor
Implementing Partner
  • African Population and Health Research Center

EASST Research

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