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At CEGA, we believe that evidence should inform decisions about how development funding is spent.

Through competitive grant-making, we fund actionable research that can be used by policymakers to improve lives. We believe that grant competitions generate the highest-quality research, attract new talent and mobilize networks, and foster stewardship, transparency, and fairness. Below you can browse all CEGA-funded research projects—spanning dozens of topic areas and over 61 countries.

Global Networks

E-bookkeeping: Measuring small firms behavior in Nigeria

Abiola Oyebanjo | Nigeria
Global NetworksWork & Education

Minding Women’s Time: Pilot Study

Bezawit Adugna Bahru | Ethiopia
Global NetworksWork & Education

Demand for Vocational Training Programs Among Rwandan Youth

Aimable Nsabimana | Rwanda
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Implementing WASH and psychosocial stimulation interventions in Ethiopia

Mulusew J. Gerbaba | Ethiopia
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Effect of a shortened anti-TB regimen on treatment success in Kampala, Uganda

Jonathan Izudi | Uganda
Financial Inclusion

Trust and Mobile Savings

Eyoual Demeke | Ethiopia
Global NetworksFinancial InclusionHealth & Psychology

Do financial incentives change beliefs? A field experiment in Uganda

John Bosco Asiimwe | Uganda
Global NetworksAgriculture

Understanding Gender-Specific Constraints to Agricultural Technology: Evidence from Cassava Farming in Kenya

Muthoni Ng’ang’a | Kenya
Global NetworksWork & Education

A piece of paper? The benefits of a secondary school certificate in Tanzania

Christina Fille | Tanzania
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Supportive Supervision and Behavior Change Communication in Uganda

Ronald Mulebeke | Uganda
Global NetworksFinancial Inclusion

The Effect of Expanded Payment Options for Utilities on User Fee Payment Behavior in Ethiopia

Jonathan Robinson | Ethiopia
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Socioeconomic Support and Tuberculosis Preventive Therapy in Tanzania

Werner Maokola | Tanzania
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Impact of an instructional video for TB case detection in Tanzania

Grace Mhalu | Tanzania
Global NetworksWork & Education

The Returns to Scale: Stimulating Productivity in Firm Clusters in Uganda

Esau Tugume | Uganda
Global NetworksAgriculture

Using iBeacons to Track the Distribution of Patronage Goods

Muthoni Ng'ang'a | Kenya
Global NetworksFinancial InclusionTechnologyWork & Education

Discrimination and Access to Capital: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia

Shibiru Melesse | Ethiopia
Global NetworksWork & Education

Teacher Rotation and Student Outcomes in Uganda

Saint Kizito Omala | Uganda
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Incentives to Increase Non-Communicable Disease Screening Rates

Fredrick Manang | Tanzania
Global NetworksAgriculture

Distributional effects of trade costs and land market frictions

Hailemariam Ayalew Tiruneh | Ethiopia
Global NetworksWork & Education

Women's Economic Empowerment in Ethiopia

Shibiru Melesse | Ethiopia
Global NetworksInstitutions & Governance

Conflicts and Economic Development

Anthony Mveyange | Tanzania
Global NetworksWork & Education

SME Productivity and Cluster Linkages

Arman Rezaee | Uganda
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

ORS Use in Uganda

John Bosco Asiimwe | Uganda
Global NetworksFinancial InclusionInstitutions & Governance

Sports Betting Causes and Consequences

Sylvan Herskowitz | Uganda
Global NetworksAgriculture

Risk-Free Sample Purchase for Inorganic Fertilizer

Annet Adong | Uganda
Global NetworksFinancial Inclusion

Incentivizing Financial Literacy and Savings Habits in Ethiopia

Alebel Bayrau Weldesilassie | Ethiopia
Data Science for DevelopmentGlobal NetworksFinancial Inclusion

Impact of SMS Reminders on Pension Savings

Amos Njuguna | Kenya
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Provider Performance Incentives for Anti-Retroviral Treatment

Jeanine Condo | Rwanda
Global NetworksEnergy & Environment

Distribution of Solar Lights to the Rural Poor

Joseph Arineitwe Ndemere | Uganda

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