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Socioeconomic Support and Tuberculosis Preventive Therapy in Tanzania

Health & Psychology Tanzania

Picture Credit: Jonathan Torgovnik

Despite the wide use of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) for People Living with HIV (PLHIV), Tuberculosis (TB) remains a public health challenge leading to increased morbidity and mortality among PLHIV, especially in Sub- Saharan Africa. Preventive therapy reduces the risk of TB among PLHIV, however, socioeconomic barriers often inhibit patients from completing the full course of therapy. In Tanzania—where one in three TB patients are HIV-positive—recent coinciding policies have scaled up both the delivery of TB preventive therapy and the role of community health workers to support retention in care among HIV-positive patients. Building on a current collaboration studying financial incentives for PLHIV in Western Tanzania, this study evaluates whether a socioeconomic intervention comprised of financial incentives plus optimized community health worker engagement improves adherence to TB preventive therapy among PLHIV.


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