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Evidence to Action 2019: Innovations in Health Data and Measurement

Health & Psychology Conference   |   Oct 29 2019   13:00 - 17:30

Child being vaccinated at the Indus Hospital Karachi Filter Clinic in Pakistan, where an Android phone-based immunization registry allows doctors to record and analyze program data in real time (photo courtesy of Andrew Weller).

Health is a stepping stone to achieving virtually all other human development goals. Yet we continue to face major obstacles in ensuring accessible, affordable, and high-quality health care, especially for people living in poverty. Thankfully, breakthroughs in the types of health data available, the interoperability of health datasets, and the analytical methods used to organize and process these data now enable far more timely and effective decision-making. Additionally, new cross-disciplinary collaborations are revolutionizing the way we understand, track, and respond to global health challenges.

Evidence to Action (E2A) 2019 will highlight the work of CEGA affiliated faculty, policy partners, and industry leaders using novel tools and methods to drive better health outcomes for people around the world.

Bright Simons, co-founder of mPedigree, an online platform that helps consumers identify counterfeit medications using mobile technology, will keynote this year’s E2A event. In 2016, Fortune Magazine named mPedigree one of the top 35 companies changing the world, and Simons as one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. He is a Mid-Career MPA candidate and George Mallinckrodt Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. Read more about Simons here.

The event will also include talks by:

  • Bilal Siddiqi (CEGA) on healthcare delivery during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone
  • Marcella Alsan (Harvard) on doctor diversity and demand for health care in Oakland, California
  • Craig McIntosh (UCSD) and Jeanine Condo (Rwanda Biomedical Center) on benchmarking a WASH and nutrition program against cash in Rwanda
  • Hilary Hoynes (UC Berkeley) on the long-term impacts of food stamps for children
  • Ziad Obermeyer (UC Berkeley) on predicting patient risk and physician error using machine learning
  • Edward Miguel (UC Berkeley, CEGA) on the long-term impacts of childhood deworming in Kenya
  • Pius Akankwasa (Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda) on using biometrics to monitor healthcare worker attendance in Uganda
  • Maria Dieci (UC Berkeley) on how a supply chain platform manages drug inventory in small pharmacies in Kenya
  • Julius Rüschenpöhler (CEGA) on opportunities for understanding the long-term impacts of child health interventions
  • Monica Ellwood-Lowe (UC Berkeley) on how financial concerns affect the way parents speak with their children
  • Mattie Toma (Harvard) on measuring the impact of sleep interventions in Chennai, India

This event is part of CEGA’s annual E2A series and marks our eleventh year as a global leader in economic development research.

Register your interest in attending this event by completing our “Expression of Interest” form (linked at right). Stay tuned for updates regarding our full agenda in the coming weeks.

We hope to see you there!

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Date & Time

Oct 29 2019
13:00 - 17:30

Get to know the speakers

Bright Simons
Co-founder, mPedigree
Edward Miguel
Economics, UC Berkeley
Carson Christiano
Executive Director, CEGA
Bilal Siddiqi
Director of Research, CEGA
Marcella Alsan
Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Craig McIntosh
Economics, UC San Diego
Jeanine Condo
Rwanda Biomedical Center
Ziad Obermeyer
Public Health, UC Berkeley
Hilary Hoynes
Economics and Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Julius Rüschenpöhler
Post-doctoral Researcher, CEGA
Maria Dieci
PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley
Pius Akankwasa
Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda
Monica Ellwood-Lowe
PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley
Mattie Toma
PhD Candidate, Harvard

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