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Evidence to Action 2014: Building Markets for Small Scale Farmers

Agriculture Conference   |  past event  |  May 01 2014

Without agricultural progress, poverty and hunger will persist. CEGA is at the forefront of researching innovative ways to encourage advances in agriculture in Africa and South Asia. This year, our annual research symposium featured emerging evidence and novel interventions that improve how markets provide information and mitigate risks for farmers to encourage adoption of profitable technologies. Watch all the presentations and panel here!


Introductory Remarks, Temina Madon and Vice Chancellor Graham Fleming


Achievements in Building Markets for Small-Scale Farmers, Craig McIntosh


New Technology: Promise and Risk (Sierra Leone), Rachel Glennerster


The Success of Flood-Tolerant Rice in Eastern India, Kyle Emerick


Progress with Stress Resistant Rice for Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, Umesh Shankar Singh


Leveraging Social Networks to Enhance Agricultural Extension, Jeremy Magruder

Keynote Speaker, Andrew Youn


Selling Low and Buying High?: Understanding Farm Profitability (Kenya), Marshall Burke


The Value of Price Information to Farmers, Marcel Fafchamps


Looking to the Future: Shallow Markets and the Technology Treadmill, Alain de Janvry and Panelists

Panel Discussion

  • Richard Caldwell, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Ion Yadigaroglu, Capricorn Investment Group
  • Minh Le, Oxfam
  • David Ameyaw, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa


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Date & Time

This is a past event.

Get to know the speakers

Alain de Janvry
UC Berkeley
Marcel Fafchamps
Stanford University
Jeremy Magruder
UC Berkeley
Craig McIntosh
UC San Diego
Edward Miguel
UC Berkeley
Rachel Glennerster
Temina Madon
Andrew Youn
Umesh Shankar Singh
Kyle Emerick
Marshall Burke
Richard Caldwell
Ion Yadigaroglu
Minh Le
David Ameyaw

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