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More frequent flooding accelerates deforestation in Mozambique – Andrew Hobbs (Geo4Dev 2018)


Andrew Hobbs is a PhD Candidate in Agricultural & Resource Economics at UC Davis. His current research focuses on how droughts and floods affect farmers. He is particularly interested in how disaster coping affects individual household members and nearby natural resources.

Prior to his PhD studies, Andrew analyzed climate policies for five years with Climate Policy Initiative. He worked on a range of topics from building energy codes in Germany to solar leasing in California and climate resilient agriculture in Mozambique.

The 2nd Annual Symposium on Geospatial Analysis for International Development (Geo4Dev) focused on geospatial research that addresses climate- and conflict-driven migration and humanitarian response. This includes observation and modeling of migration and human settlement patterns (in response to climate or conflict stressors), as well as the design and evaluation of interventions for humanitarian crises, mass migration, and community resilience.

Geo4Dev is a yearly event focused on the use of novel geospatial data and analytic techniques to address issues of poverty, sustainable development, urbanization, climate change, and economic growth in developing countries and beyond. This includes a particular emphasis on the use of emerging geo-tagged big data, including satellite, social media, and CDR datasets.

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