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Annual Conference on Measuring Development (V): Crisis Preparedness and Response

Conference   |  past event  |  Mar 27 2019

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The share of the extreme poor living in areas affected by fragility, conflict, and violence is expected to rise to nearly 50% by 2030, severely hampering global development efforts. Violent conflict has spiked dramatically since 2010, with trends such as climate change, rising inequality, demographic change, new technologies, and illicit financial flows posing additional risks. In this context, collecting basic information about what is happening on the ground is notoriously difficult. Thankfully, innovations in remote sensing, mobile data collection, cloud computing, machine learning, and other tools present exciting new opportunities for data collection and response.

On March 27, 2019, the World Bank’s Development Impact Evaluation group (DIME) and Innovations in Big Data Analytics program partnered with the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) to host their fifth annual conference on measurement technology in Washington, D.C. The event showcased the use of cutting edge tools and methods for predicting risk, measuring (and targeting) humanitarian response, and tracking recovery and resilience in the context of conflict and fragility. The one-day event brought together prominent scholars, Bank operations staff, and development practitioners to explore the unique measurement challenges that arise in fragile environments and present real-world applications of novel measurement methods. Each year, this annual event fosters new collaborations and partnerships at the forefront of measurement in development.

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This is a past event.

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The Innovations in Big Data Analytics program in the Development Economics Data Group provides data science and advisory services to help World Bank teams use big data and machine learning to address development challenges.

The World Bank’s Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) group generates high-quality and operationally relevant data and research to transform development policy, help reduce extreme poverty, and secure shared prosperity.

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Slides: Applying the Score Index to Map Social Cohesion and Coexistence in Liberia by David Yamron (Measuring Development 2019)


Slides: Leveraging WhatsApp to Address Misinformation in Areas Affected by Conflict and Violence by Mrinalini Rao (Measuring Development 2019)


Slides: Making Measurement Matter by Emmanuel Letouzé (Measuring Development 2019)


Slides: The Syrian Refugee Life Study by Emma Smith (Measuring Development 2019)


Slides: Towards a Systematic Method for Prioritizing Satellite Data Collection at FEMA by Ran Goldblatt (Measuring Development 2019)

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