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BITSS Annual Meeting 2017

Conference   |   past event  |  Dec 05 2017

The Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) will hold the 2017 BITSS Annual Meeting December 5-6 at Bancroft Hotel in Berkeley, CA!

An initiative of the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA), BITSS works to strengthen the quality of social science research and evidence used for policy-making. We aim to enhance the practices of social scientists in ways that promote research transparency, reproducibility, and credibility.

Free to attend and open to the public, the Annual Meeting provides a forum for openly discussing the evolving needs and capacities of researchers and research stakeholders with regards to transparency and openness, as well as an opportunity to learn and discuss the development of innovative tools and methods for open and reproducible science. This year’s meeting will feature:

  • a keynote discussion of proposals to lower statistical significance thresholds;
  • a panel discussion about institutionalizing research transparency in the context of international development organizations;
  • awarding of the 2017 Leamer-Rosenthal Prizes for Open Social Science;
  • results from Social Science Meta-Analysis and Research Transparency (SSMART) grants; and
  • selected research presentations on topics including publication bias, open data, meta-analysis, replication, and researcher degrees of freedom.
  • There will also be a free hands-on workshop for graduate students and postdocs on the morning of Dec. 5.

All event materials are available on the OSF project page here:

The Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) is an active network of researchers and institutions committed to strengthening scientific integrity in economics, political science, psychology, and related disciplines. Central to BITSS efforts are the identification and dissemination of useful tools and strategies for improving transparency, including the use of study registries, pre-analysis plans, data sharing, and replications. Visit and follow @UCBITSSto learn more about what BITSS does, find useful tools and resources, and contribute to the discussion





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This is a past event.

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