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Time-Activity Monitoring Systems


A woman cooking in Sri Lanka. © Chalabala –

This study integrated and refined existing technologies pioneered by the recipients’ research group to objectively assess measures of behavior and health impact: indoor time activity (Time Activity Monitoring System -TAMS), appliance usage (Stove Use Monitoring System – SUMS) and air quality (Particle and Temperature Sensor – PATS). In the context of developing country households, the immediate goal of this research is to improve understanding of: 1) The spatiotemporal and behavioral links between pollutant sources (e.g. smoke from biomass cookstoves); 2) Movement through environments as a behavioral determinant of exposure, and 3) Pollutant exposure concentrations. The objective of this technology, however, is to provide an inexpensive and hassle-free system of sensors, for use in combination or individually, for a wide range of impact evaluations. Results forthcoming.

  • Ajay Pillarisetti
  • Nicholas Lam
  • Tracy Allen
  • Ilse Ruiz-Mercado
  • Rufus Edwards
  • Zohir Chowdhury
  • Charity Garland
  • L. Drew Hill
  • Michael Johnson
  • Charles D. Litton
  • David Pennise
  • Kirk R. Smith

2013 — ongoing

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