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The Syrian Refugee Life Study

Financial Inclusion Syria

Credit: S-RLS Enumerator in Jordan. Photo: CEGA

The Syrian Refugee Life Study (S-RLS) uses a randomized control trial to evaluate the effectiveness of NRC Jordan’s Urban Shelter Program, which pairs rental subsidies to Syrian refugees with physical repairs to the structure they rent. This evaluation estimates the direct and spillover effects of this shelter assistance on beneficiaries, their children, and their host communities. In addition to this novel randomized evaluation, S-RLS is also undertaking long-term longitudinal data collection in one of the first systematic efforts to survey a large, representative refugee sample and follow that sample over time. In addition to capturing economic outcomes (consumption, assets, earnings, savings and credit), the survey measures migration history, education, marriage, fertility, physical and mental health, social attitudes, behaviors, and preferences. The first round of data collection is underway, with preliminary results from the randomized evaluation expected by early 2021.

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Refugees & Subsidies: Evaluating the Impact of Cash Transfers on Syrian Refugees in Jordan


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