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Impact of Safisana Waste-to-Energy Plant in Ghana

Energy & Environment Ghana

Credit: Asante Micheal via Unsplash

Study Context

For many densely populated settlements, availability of clean and hygienic sanitation as well as management of solid and liquid waste pose a huge problem–often it strains the environment and agriculture deteriorates from famished soil. Energy recovery from waste can solve two problems at once: treating non-recyclable and non-reusable amounts of waste and generating a significant amount of energy which can be included in the energy production mix. Safisana, which operates in the Ashaiman settlement in Ghana, is a circular-waste management system that collects organic waste to produce and market clean renewable energy and organic fertilizer.

Study Design

This study uses a multidimensional design approach that combines semi-structured interviews, sampling survey, and baseline data to test the impact of the operation of Safisana on health, economic empowerment, social impact, environmental impact, and the empowerment of youth. The outcome of this study is expected to guide whether Safisana operations should be scaled to other regions in Ghana, or similar contexts in West Africa.

Results and Policy Lessons

Results forthcoming.

  • Opeyemi Amusan
  • David Levine (advisor)
  • Safisana Circular Waste Management

2020 — ongoing

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