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Digital Sales and Inventory Data to Assess Creditworthiness

Financial Inclusion Dominican Republic

Adoption of digital payment technologies among small merchants in developing countries is low, with implications for financial inclusion, profit generation and business formalization. During this pilot, researchers studied the reasons for low adoption among small businesses, as well as the perceived benefits and costs of going digital. In partnership with Banco BHD León, the team evaluated the use of an e-payment enabled tablet with inventory management software in corner stores in the Dominican Republic. Through focus groups, quantitative surveys, and sales and inventory data generated by the technology, they found that most small merchants believed that the technology would improve their access to credit by providing a new stream of real-time digital data on sales and inventory. Merchants also reported that they were able to better manage inventory and avoid lost sales due to running out of stock. Moreover, the study revealed a number of barriers to continued use of the technology and revealed several ways in which the software could be improved.

  • Banco BHD León
  • MiRed
  • IPA (Dominican Republic)

2016 — ongoing

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