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Demand for Education in Kenya

Work & Education Kenya

Photo Credit: Stephanie Bonds

Despite the recent gains in primary school enrollment in Sub-Saharan Africa, many students continue to drop out before secondary school due to the low perceived returns and high costs. This project will run a randomized experiment in Busia County, Kenya that varies the information sent to families in order to evaluate the effect of variation in perceived benefits on the demand for schooling and subsequent educational attainment.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting educational outcomes across the world. With funding from CEGA, Stephanie Bonds (Economics, UC Berkeley) adds a phone survey module to ongoing work in Kenya to measure real-time educational impacts of COVID-19 in Busia County. The survey provides high-frequency descriptive data on schooling attitudes, home environment, and at-home learning for representative samples of 8th Graders in Busia sub-counties during the pandemic. As part of this effort, she also examines the extent to which a randomly assigned schooling intervention for 8th Graders can mitigate the educational impacts of the crisis.

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