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How MobileAid Helps Deliver Cash to the World’s Poorest | The Rockefeller Foundation

News | Jun 15 2021

CEGA Senior Program Associate Anya Marchenko makes the case for why now more than ever, we are in need of creative and collaborative approaches that combine technology and aid expertise to help the most vulnerable individuals and communities, and why CEGA’s “MobileAid” approach is a potential solution:

“In the United States, when you face an emergency, you dial 911 and an ambulance will be sent to your house to help. What if people living in poverty all over the world could dial a number to have cash delivered to them in a crisis – to afford food during a drought, to get to safety if their home is washed away, or boost their income during a pandemic like Covid-19?

The Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) and GiveDirectly are proposing a new, end-to-end model of humanitarian aid that can help us get to such a future; one that could enable governments and other actors to deliver cash quickly, effectively, and at scale to those who need it most.”

Read more: “Dial 911” for Aid: How MobileAid Is Helping Deliver Cash to Thousands of the World’s Poorest – The Rockefeller Foundation

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