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Archive of Past WGAPE Meetings

Below is a compiled list of all past paper presenters and titles from previous Working Group in African Political Economy meetings. Papers are linked to the published version when available.


UC Los Angeles – September 2002

Pierre Englebert, “Research Note on Congo’s Nationalist Paradox

Clark Gibson, “Dictators with Empty Pockets: A Political Concessions Model of Africa’s Democratization”

Mary Kay Gugerty, “The Impact of Outside Funding on Community Organizations of the Disadvantaged

Micheal Kevane, “Why Study Gender Issues in the Economies of Sub-Saharan Africa?”

Edward Miguel, “Tribe or Nation? Nation-Building and Public Goods in Kenya versus Tanzania

Daniel Posner, “Ethnic Identity, Collective Action, and Conflict: An Experimental Approach”

Smita Singh, “Multiparty Competition, Founding Elections and Political Business Cycles in Africa

UC Los Angeles – February 2003

Mary Kay Gugerty, “You Can’t Save Alone: Testing Theories of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations in Kenya

Edward Miguel & Farhan Zaidi, “You Can’t Save Alone: Testing Theories of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations in Kenya”

Donald Rothchild, “You Can’t Save Alone: Testing Theories of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations in Kenya”

Edward Miguel, “Poverty and Witch Killing

UC Los Angeles – May 2003

William Easterly, “Can Foreign Aid Buy Growth

Barak Hoffman, “Development Despots: Foreign Aid, Domestic Politics, and the Quality of Governance”

Edward Miguel, Shanker Satyanath & Ernest Sergenti, “Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict: An Instrumental Variables Approach

Daniel Posner, “The Political Salience of Cultural Difference: Why Chewas and Tumbukas are Allies in Zambia and Adversaries in Malawi

UC Los Angeles – December 2003

Melissa Gonzalez-Brenes, “Domestic Violence, Bargaining and Fertility in Rural Tanzania”

Pierre Englebert, “Let’s Stick Together: Understanding Africa’s Secessionist Deficit

Nahomi Ichino, “Tournament’ Parties in Nigeria”

Jennifer Widner, “Constitution Writing and Conflict Resolution in Africa”

Daniel Young, “A Close-up of Voter Turnout: Survey Evidence from Africa

Pomona College – March 2004

Alicia Bannon, Edward Miguel & Daniel Posner, “Sources of Ethnic Identification in Africa”

Michael Bratton, “Learning About Democracy in Africa: Awareness, Performance, and Experience

Karen Ferree, “Ethnicity and Electoral Volatility in Recent African Elections

Clark Gibson & Barak Hoffman, “The Effects of Foreign Aid on Bureaucracies

Kimuli Kasara, “Ethnic Geography, Democracy, and the Taxation of Agriculture in Africa

Micheal Kevane, ” Dim Delobson of Upper Volta

UC San Diego – June 2004

Marky Kay Gugerty, “Collective Action and Representation in National NGO Umbrella Associations

Susan Hyde, “Domestic Consequences of International Election Monitoring”

Craig McIntosh, “Beliefs and Relief: The Impact of Political Uncertainty on Small Business Behavior in Uganda”

Daniel Posner, “Regime Change and Ethnic Cleavages in Africa

Leonard Wantchekon, “Ethnicity, Gender and the Demand for Public Goods: Experimental Evidence from Benin”

Daniel Young, “Party Dominance in Africa’s Multiparty Elections”

CalTech- December 2004

Pierre Englebert, ” Should I Stay or Should I Go? Compliance and Defiance to National Integration in Barotseland and Casamance

Robert Bates, “Probing the Sources of Political Order

Daniel Posner, “The Implications of Constructivism for Studying the Relationship Between Ethnic Diversity and Economic Growth

Craig McIntosh, “Beliefs and Relief: The Impact of Political Uncertainty on Small-Business Behavior in Uganda’

Edward Miguel, “Incentives to Learn

Melissa Gonzalez-Brenes, “Domestic Violence and Household Decision-making: Evidence from East Africa”

Catherine Duggan, “Do Different Coups have Different Implications for Investment? Some Intuitions and a Test with a New Dataset

Daniel Posner & Jeremy Weinstein, “Measuring ‘Ethnic Technology’: A Draft Experimental Protocol”

UC Los Angeles – May 2005

Melissa Gonzales-Brenes, “Contracting on Fertility: A Model of Marriage in Africa”

Donald Rothchild, “Problems in Applying Executive Power Sharing to Africa: The Impact of Sequencing on Political Consolidation”

James Gibson, “Overcoming Land Injustices: An Experimental Investigation into the Justice and Injustice of Land Squatting in South Africa

Chris Blattman, “Commodities and Conflict: A Re-examination of the Facts

Carl LeVan, “Dictators, Democrats, and Political Coalitions: Government Performance in an African Country”

Nahomi Ichino, “Who Has Contact with Politicians?”

Clark Gibson, “Aid and Democracy in Africa

Micheal Kevane, “Nation-building, Multiculturalism, and Civil Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Analysis of Imagery on Postage Stamps”

Santa Clara University – October 2005

Clark Gibson & Barak Hoffman, “Fiscal Governance and Public Services: Evidence from Tanzania and Zambia”

Peter York, “Chieftaincy as Rival Governance”

Micheal Kevane, “The Cost of Getting Books Read in Rural Africa: Estimates from a Survey of Library Use in Burkina Faso”

Carl LeVan, “Memo on Coalition Bargaining and Power Sharing in Plural Societies”

David Laitin, “Random Narratives to Complement Statistical Findings in Regard to Civil War Onsets: Methodology and Nigeria”

Jeremy Weinstein, “Disentangling the Determinants of Successful Demobilization and Reintegration” 

Chris Blattman, “Survey of Soldiers in Northern Uganda”

Clark Gibson & Barak Hoffman, “Political Accountability and Taxes: A Research Memo”

UC Berkeley – April 2006 

John Bellows & Edward Miguel, “War and Local Institutions in Sierra Leone

Jean Ensminger, “Designing Development: A Case Study in Failure and Corruption in Rural Africa

Karen Ferree & Jeremy Horowitz, “Identity Voting and Malawi’s Regional Census”

Piere Englebert & Katherine Boyle, “The Primacy of Politics in Separatist Dynamics

James Long & Jeremy Horowitz, “Democratic Survival in Multi-Ethnic Countries”

Craig McIntosh, “The Relationship Between Health Care Provision and AIDS Prevalence in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Daniel Posner, “African Borders as Sources of Natural Experiments

Peter York, “Chieftaincy as Rival Governance in Ghana”

UC Los Angeles – December 2006

Clark Gibson & Barak Hoffman, “Ethnicity and Political Accountability in Africa”

Micheal Kevane, “The Rhetoric of Anti-Intervention in Darfur”

Zachariah Mampilly, “Explaining Variation in the Provision of Services by Rebel Groups”

Edward Miguel,”Spring Cleaning: Results from a Randomized Evaluation of Source Water Quality Improvement

Daniel Posner & Daniel Young, “The Institutionalization of Political Power in Africa

Tyson Roberts, “An International Political Economy Theory of Democratic Transition”

Stanford – April 2007

Benn Eifert, “Infrastructure and Market Structure in Least Developed Countries”

Audrey Sacks & Margaret Levi, “Measuring Government Effectiveness and its Consequences for Social Welfare

Leo Arriola, “The Political Economy of Opposition Coordination”

Nathan Nunn, “The Long Term Effects of Africa’s Slave Trades”

Barak Hoffman, “Assessing the Quality of Local Government in South Africa”

John McCauley and Daniel Posner, ” African Borders as Sources of Natural Experiments”

Jeremy Horowitz, ” The Uses and Abuses of Ethnic Divisions: Mobilization Strategies in Multi-Ethnic Democracies”

Stanford – December 2007

Sarah Knoesen, “Public Goods Provision in South Africa”

Pierre Englebert, “The Domestic Currency of International Sovereignty”

Jenney Aker, “Does Digital Divide or Provide? The Impact of Cell Phones on Grain Markets in Niger”

Craig McIntosh, “Using Donor-Driven Changes to Identify the Impact of Aid on African Governance

Daniel Young, “Politics Without Positions: Party Loyalty and Voting Behavior in Malawi

Karen Ferree, Clark Gibson & Barak Hoffman, “Social Diversity and Duverger: Evidence from South African Elections”

Micheal Kevane, “Rainfall in Darfur Prior to the Conflict of 2003″

Pam Jakiela, “How Fair Shares Compare: Evidence from Two Cultures”

UC Los Angeles – May 2008

Claire Adida, “Too Close for Comfort? Immigrant-Host Relations in sub-Saharan Africa”

Leo Arriola, “A Theory of Opposition Coordination”

Jeremy Weinstein, “Policing Politicians: Citizen Empowerment and Political Accountability in Africa”

Edward Miguel, “Civil War

Elizabeth Carlson, “The Relative Salience of Ethnicity and Candidate Quality to African Voters: A Survey Experiment in Uganda”

John McCauley, “Social Insurance in Times of Crisis: A Natural Experiment in Ghana

Mary Kay Gugerty, “Collective Action and the Emergence of Private Governance Among NGOs: Evidence from Africa”

Elizabeth Carlson, Brain Min & Daniel Posner, “Using Satellite Imagery of Night Lights to Study Patronage and Politics in Africa”

UC Berkeley – December 2008

Clark Gibson, “What Explains the African Vote? Using Exit Poll Data from Kenya to Explore Ethnicity and Government Performance in Vote Choice

Mark Rosenberg, “A Bayesian Model of Single Party Dominance”

Nicholai Lidow, “A Model of Resources and Rebel Organization”

Edward Miguel, “Does Education Change Political Attitudes? Evidence from a Kenyan School Experiment”

Jennifer Brass, “Why Do NGOs Go Where They Go? Evidence from Kenya”

Clair Null, “Warm Glow, Information and Inefficient Charitable Giving”

Lydia Lundgren, “Questioning Ethnic Politics in Sierra Leone”

UC Los Angeles – May 2009

Pierre Englebert & Caryn Pieffer, “Vulnerability, Path Dependence and Donor Leverage in African Democratic Experiments”

Sarah Baird & Craig McIntosh, “Targeting in a Community Driven Development Program: Applications and Acceptance in Tanzania’s TASAF”

Leo Arriola, “Ethnic Protest in Ethiopia: The Politics of Mobilization and Policing in Oromia Region”

Sarah Knoesen, “The Politics of Distribution in South Africa”

Kim Dionne, “Local Demand for a Global Intervention: Policy Priorities in the time of AIDS”

Rachel Glennerster, Edward Miguel & Alex Rothenberg, “Collective Action in Diverse Sierra Leone Communities

Tyson Roberts, “Liberalization, Resource Endowments and Private Capital Flows in Sub-Saharan Africa”

UC Berkeley – December 2009

Amanda Robinson, “National versus Ethnic Identity in Africa: State, Group and Individual Level Correlates of National Identification”

Clark Gibson, “The Good Rains Effect on Politics”

Alexander lee * Kenneth Schultz, “Comparing British and French Colonial Legacies: A Discontinuity Analysis of Cameroon”

Danielle Jung & James Long, “Why Vote? Mobilization, Sanctioning and the African ‘D’ Term”

Jeremy Horowitz, “Ethnic Groups and Campaign Targeting in Kenya’s 2007 Election”

Jonas Hjort, “Misallocation and the Optimal Organization of Production: Microevidence from the 2008 Kenyan Political”

Claire Adida, David Laitin, and Marie-Anne Valfort, “Integrating into Europe: Identifying a Muslim Effect”

Eric Kramon, “Vote Buying and Turnout in Kenya’s 2002 Elections”

Pomona College – May 2010

Claire Adida, “Mass Expulsions in Africa”

Nicole Bonoff & Brigitte Zimmerman, “Budget Management and Accountability: Evidence from Kenyan Local Authorities”

Elizabeth Carlson, “Great Expectations: Ethnicity, Performance, and Ugandan Voters

Raphael Franck & Lila Rainer, “Does the Leader’s Ethnicity Matter? Ethnic Favoritism, Education and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Jessica Gotlieb, “Is Democracy Working? Determinants of Local Government Performance (Failure) in Mali”

Eric Kramon & Daniel Posner, “Who is favored? How the Outcomes One Studies Affect the Answers One Gets”

James Long, “Electoral Fraud and the Erosion of Democratic Gains in Kenya”

Laura Weinstein, “The Politics of Government Expenditures in Tanzania: 1999-2007″

UC Berkeley – December 2010

Katherine Casey, “Crossing Party Lines: The Effects of Information on Redistributive Politics”

Katherine Casey, Racheal Glennerster & Edward Miguel, “Experimental Evidence on External Aid and Community Institutions in Sierra Leone

Lisa Mueller, “Protest Participation in Africa”

Isaias Chaves & James Robinson, “The Political Consequences of Civil Wars”

Willa Friedman, “Local Economic Conditions and Participation in the Rwandan Genocide”

Nicolai Lidow, “Rebel Governance and Civilian Abuse: Comparing Liberia’s Rebels Using Satellite Data”

Melina Raquel Platas, “Africa’s Health Tragedy? Ethnic Diversity and Health Outcomes”

UC San Diego – May 2011

Claire Adida, “Gender and Generosity: Problems in Islamic Integration in France”

Mary Kay Gugerty, “Does Bike Distribution Improve Education and Livelihood Outcomes in Zambia? A Proposed Randomized Evaluation”

Eric Kramon & Daniel Posner, “Education for All? The Political Economy of Primary Education in Kenya”

Craig McIntosh, “Investing at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Experimental Evidence on Business Activity and Group Cohesion in Tanzania”

Ameet Morjaria, “Electoral Competition and Deforestation: Micro Evidence from Kenya”

Lia Mueller, “Development and the Tolerance for Inequality”

Amanda Robinson, “National Identification and Interpersonal Trust in Diverse Societies”

Stanford – December 2011

Eric Kramon, ” Why Do Politicians Buy Votes When the Ballot is Secret? Theory and Experimental Evidence from Kenya”

Edward Miguel, “Transportation Choices, Fatalism, and the Value of Life in Africa

Nicholas Eubank, “Taxation, Political Accountability, and Foreign Aid: Lessons from Somaliland”

Ryan Jablonski, “Does Aid Target Votes? How Electoral Strategies Shape the Distribution of Aid”

Jonas Hjort, “Ethnic Divisions and Production in Firms”

Lisa Mueller, “Democratic Revolutionaries or Pocketbook Protestors? The Comparative Salience of Personal Rule and Famine in the Nigerien Uprisings of 2009-10”

Karen Ferree, “Getting Out the Vote Uganda Style: Social and Political Context and Turnout in an African Election”

Mark Ronsenberg, “A Theory of Founding Party Dominance”

UC Berkeley – May 2012

Brigitte Zimmerman, Daniel P. Enermark, Clark C Gibson & Matthew D. McCubbins, “Does Power Corrupt? The Effect of Holding Local Political Office in Zambia on Generalized Trust and Altruistic Reciprocity”

Jessica Hoel, “Do Spouses’ Responses to Asymmetric Information Match? Laboratory Evidence from Kenya”

Omar Garcia-Ponce & Leonard Wantchekon, “The Institutional Legacy of African Independence Movements”

Kelly Zhang, “Increasing Citizen Demand for Good Government in Kenya”

Tristan Reed Darn Acemoglu, “Chiefs”

Jason Kerwin, “Rational Fatalism: Non-monotonic choices in response to risk”

Gwyneth McClendon, “Co-ethnicity and democratic governance, An Experiment with South African Politicians”

Jessica Gottlieb, “Can information that raises voter expectations improve accountability? A field experiment in Mali”

MIT – May 2013

Amanda Robinson, “Internal Borders: Ethnic Diversity and Market Segmentation in Malawi”

Tavneet Suri, “The Political Economy of Ethnicity and Property Rights in Slums: Evidence from Kenya”

Mauricio Velasquez, “Geographic Variation in Ethnic Political Mobilization”

Omar Garcia Ponce & Benjamin Pasquale, “How Political Violence Shapes Trust in the State: Survey Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Raul Sanchez de la Sierra, “Bandits of Sates: Evidence on the Origins of States from Armed Groups in Eastern Congo”

Christopher Blattman, “The Economic and Social Returns to Cash Transfers: Evidence from a Ugandan Aid Program”

Julia Cage, “The Long-Term Effects of the Printing Press in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Guy Grossman, “Renewalist Christianity, Political Competition and the Political Saliency of LGBTs in Sub-Saharan Africa”

UC Berkeley – December 2013

Marshall Burke, “Selling low and buying high: An arbitrage puzzle in Kenyan villages”

Sarah Brierley, George Ofosu & Eric Kamron, “Election Observers and Electoral Fraud”

Darin Christensen, “The Geography of Repression in Africa”

Maya Oren, “Too certain to Invest? Government Credibility and Ethiopian Insurance Markets”

Anja Tolonen, “African Mining, Gender and Local Employment”

UC Los Angeles – May 2014

Ruth Calitz, “A Drop in the Bucket? Explaining Government Responsiveness for Rural Water Provision in Tanzania”

Ryan Sheely, “Politicians Preferences and the Provision of Local Public Goods: Evidence from Kenya”

Amanda Clayton, “Electoral Gender Quotas and Attitudes toward Traditional Leaders: A Policy Experiment in Lesotho”

Ben Morse, “Electoral Gender Quotas and Attitudes toward Traditional Leaders: A Policy Experiment in Lesotho”

Manuela Travaglianti, “One Student, One Vote: Abolition of School Fees and Support for the Incumbent in Burundi”

Daniel de Kadt, “Agents of the Regime? Electoral Clientelism and Traditional Leaders in South Africa”

Ameet Morjaria, “The Value of Democracy: Evidence from Road Building in Kenya”

Brown University – May 2015

Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, “Do Higher Police Salaries Lower Petty Corruption? A Policy Experiment on West Africa’s Highways”

Nicholas Eubank, “Ethnicity and Social Networks”

Kevin Croke, “The Impact of Mass Bed Net Distribution Campaigns on Politics: Evidence
from Tanzania”

Steven Rosenzweig, “Dangerous Disconnect: How Politicians’ Misperceptions About Voters Lead to Violence in Kenya”

Malte Lier, “Cooperation under the Risk of Capture”

Emily West,  “Pre-Analysis Plan for an Experimental Design: The Politics of Identity: A Lab in the Field Experiment in South Africa

Oeindrila Dube, “Can the Wounds of War be Healed?”

Rob Blair, “In-Group Policing (Literally): Lab-in-the-Field Evidence on Discrimination, Cooperation and Ethnic Balancing in the Liberian National Police”

Arizona State University – November 2015

James Long, “Using Technology to Promote Participation in Emerging Democracies: VIP: Voice and the 2014 South African Election”

Maya Duru, “Public Safety Nets and Crowd-out of Informal Insurance Arrangements: Evidence from Ethiopia”

Michael Walker, “Pre-Analysis Plan: Local Public Finance and Unconditional Cash Transfers in Kenya”

Belinda Archibong, “Where Local Kings Rule: Long-Term Impacts of Precolonial Institutions and Geography on Access to Public Infrastructure Services in Nigeria”

Conor Carney, “Deforestation in Malawi: The Role of Agricultural Subsidies and Ethnic Favoritism”

Martha Johnson, “Economic Rights and Women’s Policy Influence in Africa: Portfolio Allocation across Executive Cabinets”

Brian Dillon, “Inheritance Customs and Agricultural Investment”

George Washington University & The World Bank – April 2016

Sara Lowes, “Blood Rubber: The Effects of Labor Coercion on Institutions and Culture in the DRC”

Jessica Gottlieb and Amanda Robinson, “Effects of Matrilineality on Gender Differences in Political Behavior across Africa”

Adrienne LeBas, “Tax Appeals and Social Intermediaries in Lagos, Nigeria”

Gianmarco León, “Motivating Bureaucrats: Group Incentives and Organizational Performance of Local Governments”

Nemera Mamo, “Ethnic Coalition and Political Economy of Natural Resource: Distribution of Political Power in Africa”

Mai Hassan, “The Political Geography of the Local Security Apparatus”

Martin Williams, “The Political Economy of Unfinished Development Projects: Corruption, Clientelism, or Collective Choice?”

Ruth Carlitz, “Promoting Collective Action to Improve Education in Tanzania: A Research Proposal”

Pia Raffler, “Bureaucrats versus Politicians: A Field Experiment on Political Oversight and Local Public Service Provision”

Roukiatou Nikiema, “Fiscal Behaviour and Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Vincent Pons, “The Perils of Building Democracy in Africa”

Stanford Center for International Development – November 2016

Lauren Bergquist, ” Competition, Entry, and Pass-Through in Agricultural Markets: Experimental Evidence from Kenya”

Shelby Grossman, “Reputation and relational contracting: Experimental evidence on contracting frictions in West African trade”

Kate Casey, “Snap Judgements: Forecasting Politician Productivity under Limited Information”

Anja Tolonen, “Extractive Industries, Production Shocks and Criminality: Evidence from a Middle-Income Country”

Danny Choi, “Instruments of Control: Party Leader Endorsements and Candidate Selection in Africa”

Claire Adida, “Overcoming or Reinforcing Coethnic Preferences? An Experiment on Information and Ethnic Voting”

Marie Lechler, “Decentralized Despotism? Indirect Colonial Rule Does Undermine Contemporary Democratic Attitudes”

New York University Abu Dhabi – January 2017

Amanda Robinson, “Who is Targeted in Corruption? The Effects of Wealth, Power, and Shared Ethnicity on Exposure to Bribery”

Rogerio Santarrosa, “Conflict or Compromise? Theory and Evidence from Africa and Asia”

Paul Atwell, “The Reach of Radio: Defection Messaging and Armed Group Behavior”

Michael Walker, “The Impact of Cash Transfers on Local Public Finances: Experimental Evidence from Kenya”

Maxim Ananyev, “Nation-Building and Civil Conflict: Theory and Evidence from Political Instability in Mali”

Ada Gonzalez-Torres, “Epidemics and Conflict: Evidence from the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa”

Nathan Fiala, “Social Accountability and Service Delivery: Evidence from Two Large-Scale Experiments in Uganda”

UC Berkeley – June 2017

Mark Buntaine, “Can Information Outreach Increase Participation in Community-Driven Development? A Field Experiment near Bwindi National Park, Uganda”

Jessica Gottlieb, “Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Political Accountability”

Gaétan Nandong, “Ancestral Tradition and Entrepreneurial Attitude: Evidence from the Bamileke”

Jonathan Weigel, “Ancestral Tradition and Entrepreneurial Attitude: Evidence from the Bamileke”

Emilia Tjernström, “Media and Motivation: The Effect of Performance Pay on Writers and Content”

Josephine Gatua, “Social Connections and Primary Health Care: Evidence from Kenya”

Yannick Pengl, “The Empty Panorama: The Origins of Spatial Inequality in Africa”

New York University Abu Dhabi – January 2018

Jeremy Bowles, “Turning Up, Tuning In, Turning Out: Experimental Evidence from Liberia”

Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz, “Up for Debate? Using Radio to Reduce Polarization and Increase Democratic Engagement in Niger”

Emilio Depetris-Chauvin, “One Team, One Nation: Football, Ethnic Identity, and Conflict in Africa”

Andy Harris, “Judicial Decisions as Public Goods”

Alice Iannantuoni, “The Young and teh Restless: A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of Whether a Radio Soap Opera Can Catalyze Social Change”

Gisella Kagy, “If She Builds It, They Wont Come: Experimental Evidence of Demand-Side Constraints in the Gender Profit Gap”

Constantine Manda, “Minority Presidents and Ethnic Politics”

George Marbuah, “How do Natural Resources Affect Human Capital Accumulation in Developing Countries? Evidence from Ghana”

John Marshall, “Learning accountability: Can formal education help hold politicians to account?”

Michael Mbate, “Politically Induced Budgetary Distortions: Evidence from Kenya”

Kate Orkin, “Everybody loves a winner: A field experiment providing information on polls in South Africa”

Yared Seid, “Mother-tongue Instruction and Later Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Ethiopia”

Vanessa van den Boogaard, “Informal taxation in post-conflict Sierra Leone”

UC Los Angeles – May 2018

Belinda Archibong, “Bargaining Matters: Taxation and Public Service Provision Under Natural Resource Revenue Sharing Arrangements”

Laura Barasa, “Mobile Money Payment: An Antidote to Petty Corruption?”

Ashley Blum, Chad Hazlett, & Dan Posner, “Measuring Ethnic Bias: Comparing Tools from Behavioral Economics and Social Psychology”

Thomas Ginn, “Microenterprise Support to Integrate Refugees”

Justice Tei Mensah, “Jobs! Electricity Shortages and Unemployment in Africa”

Luke Sanford, “Democratization, Elections, and Public Goods: The Troubling Evidence from Deforestation”

Rachel Sigman, “Bureaucrats and the Resource Curse in Africa”

University of  Capetown – July 2019

Amma Panin, “God insures those who pay? Formal insurance and religious offerings in Ghana.”

Shibiru Ayalew, “Can gender blinding policies”

Michel Armel Ndayikeza, “The dynamics of horizontal economic inequality in countries affected by ethnic conflicts”

Matthias Krönke, “The Role of Political Parties in Basic Service Delivery: Evidence from Malawi”

Twivwe Siwale, “The Social Dimensions of Tax Compliance: A Conjoint Experiment among Small Enterprises in Zambia”

Sara Tonini, “Ethnic Diversity and Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence from Post-Apartheid South Africa”

Virtual – April 2020

Jess Rudder, “Expanding Business Networks to Overcome Supply-Chain Frictions: The Impact of a Phonebook Application on Small Businesses in Tanzania”

Oliver Kim, “Political Favoritism and Electrification in Kenya”

Thorsten Rogall, “Female Empowerment after Genocide”

Dan de Kadt, “Electroal accountability and state violence: The political legacy of the Marikana massacre”

Constantine Manda, “A Radio Drama’s Effects on Attitudes Toward Early and Forced Marriage: Results from a Field Experiment in Rural Tanzania”

Laura Meinzen-Dick, “Decentralization and Elections in Burkina Faso”

Andrew Marshall, “Pre-Analysis Plan: Languages of National Politics in Kenya and Tanzania”

Marie Christelle Mabeu, “Colonial Origins and Fertility: Can the Market Overcome History?”

Noah Nathan, “Colonial Invention, Intra-Ethnic Inequality, and the Modern Political Elite”

Virtual – July 2020

Francis Annan & Belinda Archibong, “Do WHO Epidemic Declarations Matter? Evidence from the Meningitis Belt”

Arinze Nwokolo, “Abolition of User Fees and Adult Mental Health: Evidence from South Africa”

Anna Wilke, “How Does the State Replace the Community? Experimental Evidence on Crime Control from South Africa”

Justice Mensah & Aimable Nsabimana, “Food for Thought: School Feeding and Cognitive Performance in Rwanda”

Lazare Kovo, “Public Job Allocation and Bureaucrats’ Performance: Evidence from Local Governance in Benin”

Shunsuke Tsuda, “De-Radicalization and Reintegration from Violent Islamic Extremism”

Virtual – April 2021

Adrienne LeBas & Lauren Young, “Repression and dissent in moments of uncertainty: Panel data evidence from Zimbabwe’s 2018 election”

Elias Papaioannou, “Religion and Educational Mobility in Africa”

Jonah Rexer, “The local advantage: Corruption, organized crime, and indigenization in the Nigerian oil sector”

Larissa Nawo, “”Peace Paradox” and the pandemic: A natural experiment of COVID-19 effects on African Jihadi groups”

Isabelle Cohen, “Low-Cost Tax Capacity: A Randomized Evaluation on Tax Compliance with the Uganda Revenue Authority”

Ruth Carlitz, “Roots and Persistence of National Identity in Tanzania”

Cornell University – April 2022

Mengwei Lin, “Peace and Petty Corruption: Evidence from Trucking in Cote d’Ivoire”

Eric Hsu, “What does donor conditionality do? Causal evidence from Kenyan electrification”

Gabriel Brown, “The Persistent Effects of Bible Translations in Africa”

Laura Barasa, “The Impact of the Kenya 2008 Post-Election Violence on Rural Farm Households”

Catlan Reardon, “The Ties That Bind or Break: Local Leaders, Dispute Arbitration, and Violence in Nigeria”

Patrick Hunnicutt, “Traditional Leaders Facilitate Statebuilding: Evidence from a Liberian panel survey”

John Marshall, “Social Media in Uganda: an RCT Investigating the Effect of Social Media Access on Engagement with Government, COVID-19 Public Health Attitudes and Behaviors, and Citizen Welfare”

Kpoti Kitissou, “Interethnic Marriage and Domestic Violence in Nigeria”

Aleks Michuda, “Urban Labor Supply Responses to Adverse Weather Shocks for Ugandan Uber Drivers”

Abiola Oyebanjo, “The Returnees Paradox: Cultural Capital, Labour Market Bifurcations and the Discrimination of Education Returnees to Nigeria”

Tomohiro Hara, “Building the “rainbow nation” through mass media: television, cultural diversity, and national unity in post-Apartheid South Africa”

University of Rwanda – June 2022

Isaac Ahimbisibwe, “Co-ethnic Peers in Higher Education in Uganda”

Aimable Nsabimana and Jules Ngango, “Institutional reform and child nutrition in Rwanda: Evidence from NCDA”

Joan Ricart-Huguet, “Endogenous Colonial Borders: Precolonial States and Geography in the Partition of Africa”

Matthew K. Ribar, “Who wins land disputes?”

Jubril Animashaun, “Is there a Subnational Resource Curse? Evidence from Households in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria”

Paula Gonzalez, “Cash Is Queen: Local Economy Growth Effects of Unconditional Cash Transfers to Women in West Africa”

Razan Amine, “Mandating Digital Tax Tools as a Response to Covid: Evidence from Eswatini”

Efobi Uchenna, ““Shades of Gray”: The Impact of Pastoralists Violent Conflict Frames on Citizen’s Political Attitudes

Victor Agboga, “Where do your loyalties lie? Party Switching and Voters’ Response in Nigeria”

University of California, Berkeley – March 2023

Michelle Lavyant, “FGM as a Signaling Tool: Evidence from Côte d’Ivoire”

Michael Walker, “Cash Transfers and Community Participation in Public Affairs: A Village-Level Randomized Controlled Trial in Kenya*”

Habtamu Tesfaye, “Conflict and Input Misallocation in the Manufacturing Sector: Evidence from Ethiopia”

Jennifer Hamilton, “The Effects of Colonial Mentality on Political Accountability in Kenya”

Ashagrie Demile,  “Liquidity shock and bank lending: Evidence from natural experiment in Ethiopia”

Sally Zhang, “Causes and Consequences of Intrahousehold Hidden Income: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment”

Miguel Ortiz, “Spite, Fear and Intergroup Conflict: Evidence from Muslims and Christians in Nigeria”

Eva Davoine, “Legal Antecedents of Fiscal Capacity: Evidence from D.R. Congo”

Strathmore University – June 2023

Michel Ndayikeza, “Underemployment of college graduates: is doing anything better than doing nothing?”

Jubril Animashaun, “Tax Reform and Political Economy Outcomes in Nigeria”

Freweini Tekle, “Gender Issues in Nation-Building Projects: The Case of Eritrea”

Daniel Araújo, “Economic Production and the Spread of Supernatural Beliefs”

Avi Ahuja, “Africa beyond aid? The effects of foreign aid withdrawal on party competition and clientelism”

Oluwabunmi Adejumo, “The Impact of Litigant Rights’ Reform and Women Empowerment in Nigeria”

Nicholas Lyon, “Unpacking Urban: City Size, Inter-ethnic Trust, and Prejudice in Africa”

Malte Lierl, “Improving Local Government Performance by Giving Civil Society a Stake”

Lisa Mueller, “More than Vote Buying and Turnout Buying? Verbal Persuasion in Clientelist Systems”

University of Ghana – March 2024

Kevin Grieco, “Building Fiscal Capacity with Traditional Political Institutions: Experimental and Qualitative Evidence from Sierra Leone”

Chiman Cheung, “Traditional leaders and natural resource management: evidence from illegal gold mining in Ghana”

Marco Castradori, “Seeing Beyond the Clientelist Horizon: A Field Experiment on Constituent Consultation in Nigeria”

George Ofosu, “Bottom-Up or Horizontal Accountability? The Impacts of Monitoring Incumbency Abuse”

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