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Video: Cost-ober 2020 Webinar Series Part IV: Cost Evidence In Development Engineering

Understanding the costs of a program or policy–in addition to its impacts–is critical to making informed decisions about how limited development resources are spent. Yet the supply of cost evidence in international development is low, of inferior quality, and lacking in transparency. In October and November 2020, CEGA’s Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI) and associated Costing Community of Practice (CCoP) will host its inaugural “Cost-ober” webinar series including virtual panel discussions with front-line policymakers, donors, journal editors, researchers, and practitioners regarding the role of cost evidence in boosting the policy relevance of impact evaluation research.

Panelists discussed current outstanding challenges and opportunities in the use of cost estimation as a tool for designing and implementing innovations in low-resource settings.

Moderator: Susan Amrose, Editor-in-Chief, Development Engineering: The Journal of Engineering in Economic Development


  • Alaka Holla, Program Manager, Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF), World Bank Group
  • Loïc Daudey, Country Manager at the French Development Agency (AFD – Agence française de développement)
  • Caroline Delaire, Deputy Director of Technology and Innovation, Aquaya
  • Daniele Lantagne, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering, Tufts University
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