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Video: Cost-ober 2020 Webinar Series Part I: Publishing Cost Evidence

In October and November 2020, CEGA’s Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI) and associated Costing Community of Practice (CCoP) hosted its inaugural “Cost-ober” webinar series including virtual panel discussions with front-line policymakers, donors, journal editors, researchers, and practitioners regarding the role of cost evidence in boosting the policy relevance of impact evaluation research. Understanding the costs of a program or policy–in addition to its impacts–is critical to making informed decisions about how limited development resources are spent. Yet the supply of cost evidence in international development is low, of inferior quality, and lacking in transparency.

On Octover 21st, as part of the Cost-ober 2020 webinar series, CEGA hosted “Cost-ober Part I: Publishing Cost Evidence.” This panel engaged journal editors in a discussion of the benefits of and barriers to publishing cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses alongside impact evaluations of development interventions.

Moderator: Dave Evans, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development (CGD) Panelists: Dean Karlan, Founder of Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), Co-editor, Journal of Development Economics Susan Amrose, Editor-in-Chief, Development Engineering: The Journal of Engineering in Economic Development (Dev Eng) Rema Hanna, co-Chair of the editorial board for the Review of Economics and Statistics Marie Gaarder, Executive Director of 3ie, editor for the Journal of Development Effectiveness

For more information, see the event page.

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