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PacDev 2022 Conference Schedule

CEGA, along with the University of San Francisco, is excited to host the 15th annual Pacific Conference for Development Economics (PacDev), one of the major annual conferences dedicated to development economics. This event will bring together researchers and practitioners to present and discuss work that enhances our understanding of economic development, advances theoretical and empirical methods, and improves development interventions and policy.


9:00 – 9:15 am PDT: Introductions from USF and CEGA


9:15 – 10:45 am PDT: Concurrent Sessions I

Session 1A: Political Economy & Institutions I | Unprincipled Agents

Economic and Political Effects of Fiscal Rules: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Colombia
Luis Martinez
Do Political Motivations Affect Recovery From Hazards? Analysis of floods in India
Tarana Chauhan
Career Incentives and Judicial Independence: Evidence from the Indian Lower Judiciary
Jun Goto
Visual Nudges: How Deterrence and Equity Shape Tax Compliance Attitudes and Behaviour in Rwanda
Fabrizio Santoro

Session 1B: Credit & Savings

Keeping Up With the Joneses: Economic Impacts of Overconfidence in Micro-Entrepreneurs
Julia Seither
Intervention Size and Persistence
John Loeser
At the Right Time: Modifying Repayment and Disbursement Schedule in Microcredit
Hisaki Kono
Impact of informal networks on adoption of formal public health insurance
Titir Bhattacharya

Session 1C: Technology I

Impact of Market Information on Cashew Producers in Guinea-Bissau
Giulio Schinaia
Steered Away from the Fields: Short-Term Impacts of Oxen on Agricultural Production and Intra-Household Labor Supply
Andrew Brudevold-Newman
The Monetary Value of Externalities: Experimental Evidence from Ugandan Farmers
Benedetta Lerva
Subsidies and Product Assurance: Evidence from Agricultural Technologies
Dan Gilligan

Session 1D: Health I | Nutrition

Intra-Household Inequality in Poverty and Diets in the Philippines
Anna Josephson
Caste Differences in Child Growth: Disentangling Endowment and Investment Effects
Jingyan Guo
Interactions between nutrition, poverty, and natural areas at a district level in Lao PDR
Diana Garcia
The Impact of Rising Ocean Salinity on Early Life Health Outcomes: Evidence from Bangladesh
Amanda Guimbeau

Session 1E: Psychology & Behavior I

Getting on the Wagon: Alcohol and Productivity in Rural Kenya
David Murphy
The Psychological Toll of Food Insecurity
Jeffrey Bloem

Psychology, Skills, or Cash?
Megan Lang
Cash Transfers and Women’s Economic Inclusion: Experimental evidence from Zambia
Silvio Daidone

Session 1F: Labor Markets I

Jobs for Thee but Not for She: the Gendered Impact of COVID-19 on Skilled Ugandan Workers
Livia Alfonsi
Balancing Work and Childcare: Evidence from COVID-19 School Closures and Reopenings in Kenya
Pierre Biscaye
The Incidence of Payroll Taxation
Felipe Lobel
Returns to Job Search on Platforms
Nivedhitha Subramanian

Session 1G: Trade and Development

Entitled to Property: Inheritance Laws, Female Bargaining Power, and Child Health in India
Md Shahadath Hossain
Father of the Bride, or Steel Magnolias? Targeting Men, Women or Both to reduce Child Marriage
Rachel Cassidy
Access to Finance and Women’s Employment: Evidence from Self-Help Groups in Rural Bihar
Vaishnavi Surendra
Displacement, a step on women’s marriage? Natural disasters and cultural norms
Laura Muñoz Blanco


10:40 – 11:00 am PDT: Break


11:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT: Concurrent Sessions II

Session 2A: Political Economy & Institutions II | Reaching Citizens

Technology and the State: Building Tax Capacity via Text
Isabelle Cohen
How much do our neighbors really know?: The limits of community-based targeting
Carly Trachtman
The Legacy of Authoritarianism
Pramod Kumar

Session 2B: Education I

Marrying Young: The Surprising Effect of Education
Sayli Javadekar
Birth Order Effects, Parenting Style, and Son Preference
Jun Hyung Kim
Complementarities and Intergenerational Educational Mobility: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia
Shahe Emran

Session 2C: Technology II

A National Information Campaign Encouraging Financial Technology Use in Ghana
Emma Riley
Irrigation and the Spatial Pattern of Local Economic Development in India
Aaditya Dar
Digital divides and tax compliance: Adoption and impacts of e-services in Rwanda
Fabrizio Santoro

Session 2D: Health II | COVID and Vaccination

Social Protection Amid a Crisis: New Evidence from South Africa’s Older Person’s Grant
Mo Alloush
Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy: Survey and Experimental Evidence from Papua New Guinea
Terence Wood
The (Temporary) COVID-19 Baby Bust in Mexico
Adan Silverio-Murillo

Session 2E: Psychology & Behavior II

Income Taxpayers Are Not All the Same A Behavioural Letter Experiment in Eswatini
Fabrizio Santoro
Nutrition, Labor Supply, and Productivity: Evidence from Ramadan in Indonesia
Zhiwen Wang
Urban Labor Supply Responses to Adverse Weather Shocks for Ugandan Uber Drivers
Aleksandr Michuda

Session 2F: Trade and Development

Farm to Firm: Clustering and Returns to Scale in Agricultural Value Chains
James Sayre
Poverty Traps, Structural Transformation, and Rural Land Concentration in India
Manaswini Rao
Local or Imported? Input Sourcing in Lopsided Low-income Economies
Alan Griffith

Session 2G: Gender and Development II

Reconsidering Gender Bias in Rural India
Abdul Raheem Shariq Mohammed
Discrimination and Access to Capital: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia
Shanthi Manian
In-group bias in the Indian judiciary: Evidence from 5 million criminal cases
Aditi Bhowmick


12:00 – 1:00 pm PDT: Keynote Speaker: Nathan Nunn, Harvard University

Pastoralism and Development in Africa: Understanding the Importance of Climate, Conflict, and Land Conversions


1:00 – 1:30 pm PDT: Break


1:30 – 3:00 pm PDT: Concurrent Sessions III

Session 3A: Political Economy & Institutions III | Public and Private Finance

Political Decentralization and Public Goods Provision: Evidence from India
Jeff Weaver
Production Responses from the Decentralized Adoption of a Value Added Tax in India
Laura Zimmermann
Forgone Investment: Civil Conflict and Agricultural Credit in Colombia
Nicolás de Roux
Does the Informal Sector Escape the VAT?
Tejaswi Velayudhan

Session 3B: Education II

Information, Student-Parent Communication, and Secondary School Choice: Experimental Evidence from Kenya
Stephanie Bonds
Preferences, access, and the STEM gender gap in centralized high school assignment
Andrew Dustan
Crowding in Private Quality: The Equilibrium Effects of Public Spending in Education
Natalie Bau
When bootstraps aren’t enough: Aspirations, learning, and educational supply
Alex Eble

Session 3C: Junior Researchers (Masters and Early Doctoral Students)

Peer Learning in a Digital Farmer-to-Farmer Network: Effects on Technology Adoption and Self-Efficacy Beliefs
Violet Lasdun
Impact of Skin tone on Socioeconomic Outcomes and Political Involvement in Nigeria
Mutiu Fakorede
The Impact of Cleft Lip/Palate and Surgical Intervention on Adolescent Life Outcomes: Evidence from Operation Smile in India
Mustafa Zahid
Assessing the Quality of Urbanisation across Size Classes of Urban Areas in India
Annesha Mukherjee

Session 3D: Health and Development III | Health Services

It Takes a Village: Administrative and Human Development in India
Latika Chaudhary
Shared Decision-Making: Can Improved Counseling Increase Willingness to Pay for Modern Contraceptives?
Berk Ozler
The Impact of Early Childhood Access to Community Health Workers: Evidence From China’s Barefoot Doctors
Ying Liu
Implementer Identity Effects in Program Evaluation
Ashish Shenoy

Session 3E: Culture & Behavior I | Intimate Partner Violence

Reducing Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from a Multifaceted Female Empowerment Program in Urban Liberia
David Sungho Park
When home is not a haven. The labor market effects of domestic violence
Alejandro Abarca
Hidden in Plain Sight: Asymmetric Information and Hidden Income within the Household
Sally Zhang
Female Genital Cutting and Bride Price
Suzanna Khalifa

Session 3F: Labor Markets II

What Drives Undocumented Immigration? Policy, economic, and social factors in the US and Mexico
Dana Smith
Customer Discrimination in the Workplace
Matthew Pecenco
Labour Market Segmentation and Surplus Extraction: The Indian Case
Satyaki Dasgupta
Labor Reallocation, Human Capital Investment, and “Stranded Careers”: Evidence from an Oil Boom and Bust
Erik Katovich

Session 3G: Environment and Energy I

The Development-Biodiversity Tradeoff in India’s Tropical Forests
Raahil Madhok
Privacy Protection, Measurement Error, and the Integration of Remote Sensing and Socioeconomic Survey Data
Jeffrey Michler
Illegal activity’s response to revealing its existence
Santiago Saavedra
Preparing for Urban Floods in Mozambique: A Field Experiment on Risk Communication
Stefan Leeffers


3:00 – 3:20 pm PDT: Break


3:20 – 4:20 pm PDT: Concurrent Sessions IV

Session 4A: Firms in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Mortality from the Marketing of Nestlé Infant Formula in Low and Middle-Income Countries
Bruce Wydick
Misallocation and Financial Constraints Among Firms in Africa
Fatou Thioune
Female Workers in Modern China: The Dual Pressures of Labor Marketization and Sexism
Bin Zhao

Session 4B: Identity and Behavior

Mothers, Fathers, and Others: Competition and Cooperation in the Aftermath of Conflict
Alessandra Cassar
Is Religion Driving Fertility? An Analysis of the Religion-Fertility Nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa
Renate Hartwig
Polygyny, Timing of Marriage and Economic Shocks in Sub-Saharan Africa
Augustin Tapsoba

Session 4C: Health and Development IV

Adoption and Impact of Mobile Health Services: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh
Ferdous Sardar
Affordability versus Overuse: Evidence from a Prescription Drug Price Reduction in China
Jianan Yang
Privacy at What Cost? Using Electronic Medical Records to Recover Lapsed Patients into HIV Care
Laura Derksen

Session 4D: Behavior & Culture II

Market Access and Social Change: Evidence from Road Construction in Rural India
David Garces Urzainqui
Dowry and Human Capital Formation : Evidence from India
Natasha Jha
The Under-representation of Women in Competitive Careers: Evidence from the Indian Civil Service
Kunal Mangal

Session 4E: Environment & Energy II

Internal Migration and the Organization of Agriculture
Frederik Noack
The Health Costs of Dirty Energy: Evidence from the Capacity Market in Colombia
Teresa Molina

Session 4G: Gender and Development III

Indian Matchmaking: Are Working Women Penalized in the Marriage Market in India?
Diva Dhar
Two Heads are Better than One: Agricultural Production and Investment in Côte d’Ivoire
Aletheia Donald
Terms of Engagement: Migration, Dowry, and Love in Indian Marriages
Rossella Calvi

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