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CEGA programs generate course materials, reports, publications, presentations, datasets, and other resources that can be used globally to guide decision-making and build capacity to generate and use rigorous evidence.

Below, find a complete list of CEGA publications, reports, and other resources. Please also visit our Working Paper Series, hosted by the University of California on eScholarship.

CEGA Working Paper Series

Institutions & Governance

Results Summary: Longitudinal insights from the Syrian Refugee Life Study

Reports & Policy Briefs   |   Institutions & Governance
Financial InclusionHealth & Psychology

The Syrian Refugee Life Study: First Glance

Working Paper   |   Financial Inclusion

COVID-19 and Forced Displacement in the Global South | The Syrian Refugee Crisis: A View from Jordan

Health & Psychology

The Dynamics of Refugee Return: Syrian Refugees and Their Migration Intentions

Working Paper   |   Health & Psychology
Health & Psychology

Working Paper: Identifying Psychological Trauma among Syrian Refugee Children for Early Intervention: Analyzing Digitized Drawings using Machine Learning

Research Publications   |   Health & Psychology

Video: Cross Border Survey Tracking in Jordan - Emma Smith (Measuring Development 2019)


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