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Revolutionizing Data for Public Good

Opportunity Lab Conference   |  past event  |  Mar 28 2018
Revolutionizing data for public good

Unique new datasets are increasingly enabling breakthroughs in research on poverty and inequality. By generating granular, high-frequency data, technological tools have the potential to answer important questions about human behavior and affect positive social change. However, the barriers to utilizing these types of data are numerous, including issues regarding intellectual property, privacy, and data management.

To address these challenges, The Opportunity Lab (O-Lab) and CEGA held a conference and matchmaking event to identify ways that new-unique data can advance social good, promote communication between researchers and companies with rich datasets, and provide a deeper understanding of the synergistic benefits of data access.

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Date & Time

This is a past event.

Get to know the speakers

Hilary Hoynes
Public Policy and Economics, UC Berkeley
Igor Popov
Conrad Miller
Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Thomas Kalil
Schmidt Futures
Tom Tarantino
Dan Lopez
Radiant Earth
Rachelle Celebrezze
Andi Gros
Jonathan Hall
Ethan Yeh
Jesse Rothstein
Public Policy and Economics, UC Berkeley
Jenna Nicholas
Impact Experience
Benjamin Handel
Economics, UC Berkeley
Patrick Kline
Economics, UC Berkeley
Daniel Zhao
Catherine Wolfram
Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Dmitri Koustas
Economics, UC Berkeley
Natalie Cox
Economics, Stanford
Ingrid Haegele
Economics, UC Berkeley

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