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Annual Conference on Measurement Technology (III): Infrastructure Monitoring

Conference   |  past event  |  Oct 13 2016

On Thursday, October 13th the DIME Group of the World Bank and CEGA co-hosted a workshop at UC Berkeley, on new technologies to monitor performance of infrastructure investments in the developing world.

The workshop served as a forum for DIME staff and researchers to explore the use of sensor networks (IoT), remote sensing (satellite/LiDAR), and other technologies for measuring and evaluating the economic performance of infrastructure investments– from transport systems and utilities to rural infrastructure (like irrigation and warehousing). Participants included tech sector companies like, Premise, Digital Globe, Facebook, and Cisco plus researchers from Stanford, Berkeley, UC San Diego, MIT, Portland State, and more.


To see the agenda please look at the attached finalized version under ‘Event Materials’. The day comprised of 5 panels, each with short presentations by academics, technologists, and data providers. A series of ignite talks concluded the day. The panels’ topics included:

(1) Transport 

(2) Utilities (especially power and water) 

(3) Rural Infrastructure

(4) Urbanization

(5) Civil Infrastructure

Opening Remarks by Temina Madon 

GridWatch – Sensing the Health of the Power Grid. Prabal Dutta (UC Berkeley)

More With Less: How Data Changes Utilities. Michael Kanellos (OSIsoft) 

Utilities Monitoring Panel Discussion

Mobile-based Matatu Monitoring in Kenya: Using Tracking Devices and Smartphone Technology to Measure Safety and Productivity of Informal Transit in Developing Countries. David Schönholzer (UC Berkeley)

Inferring Road Quality Via Satellite Imagery. Gabriel Cadamuro (University of Washington)

Monitoring Road Infrastructure Investments in the Rural Philippines. Tara O’shea (Planet Labs)

Use of Advanced LiDAR Processing. Jason Creadore (Civil Maps)

Transport Infrastructure Panel Discussion

Measuring Agricultural Productivity and Poverty from Space. Marshall Burke (Stanford University)

Sensor-enabled Maintenance of Rural Infrastructure. Evan Thomas (Portland State University)

Wireless Technologies (IoT) in Agricultural Development. Marco Zennaro (ITCP, Trieste)

Tracking Rural Electrification from Space: Evidence from Two Decades of Satellite Data. Brian Min (University of Michigan)

Rural Infrastructure Panel Discussion


Understanding Cities: Revealing Urban Dynamics from Space. The Case Study of India. Ran Goldblatt (UC San Diego)

Mapping the World Population Using AI. Andreas Gros (Facebook, Core Data Science Team)

How to Make Sense of Data Coming from Satelites. Shay Har-Noy (Digital Globe)

Urbanization Panel Discussion

Smart Infrastruture and Construction. Kenichi Soga (UC Berkeley)

Infrastructure: Extreme and Exponential in the Digitization Age. Gordon Feller (Cisco, Meeting of the Minds)

Quantifying Risks and Performance of Infrastructure Investments. Michael Lepech (Stanford University)

Satellite Analytics to Track Civil Infrastructure. Shwetank Kumar (Orbital Insights)

Civil Infrastructure Panel Discussion

Ignite Talk (I): Janine Yoong, Mapillary

Ignite Talk (II): Ben Siegfried, Arable

Ignite Talk (III): Ruchit Garg, Harvesting



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