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DIL Launch Workshop


The Development Impact Lab (DIL) fosters sustainable, equitable growth by linking technological innovation -- like the design of solar microgrids or mobile phone apps -- with rigorous social and economic analysis. This inaugural workshop highlighted several new techniques for measuring the impact of "development innovations," including randomized trials, wireless sensors, and mobile devices for data collection.

Date and Time

Mar 1, 2013


Blum Hall, UC Berkeley


Eric Brewer (UC Berkeley), Edward Miguel (UC Berkeley), Eli Berman (UC San Diego), David I. Levine (UC Berkeley), Jack Colford (UC Berkeley), Gaetano Borriello (U Washington), Prabal Dutta (U Michigan), Erik Douglas (CellScope), Dan Fletcher (UCB), Ashok Gadgil (LBNL, UCB), Mirza Jahani (AKDN), Doug Parkerson (IPA), Ramesh Rao (UCSD), Shankar Sastry (UCB), Eve Schooler (Intel), Andree Sosler (Potential Energy), Matt Taylor (, Evan Thomas (Portland State), Catherine Wolfram (UCB)


Institute for International Studies and Blum Center for Developing Economies