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Innovations in remote sensing, IoT, machine learning, and big data analytics allow us to understand and track outcomes related to global poverty with far greater accuracy (and frequency) than ever before.

CEGA Work Theme - Data & Measurement


New tools that can precisely measure outcomes—including household assets, student test scores, market prices and voting behavior—can help us better understand the process and progress of economic development. The private sector has invested heavily in measurement tools, recognizing that accurate data and forecasting can drive innovation, capture cost efficiencies, and increase profits. Similarly, CEGA works to enhance the accuracy, integrity, and frequency of data collected in field research settings by developing and promoting the use of new survey, sensing, and analytics technologies. Leveraging partnerships with engineers in universities and Silicon Valley, we promote the integration of new data sources such as satellite imagery, mobile devices, and sensor networks into development research. Finally, CEGA is working to develop best practices for the long-term measurement of the impacts of programs and policies.



United States Agency for International Development

Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development

Institute of International Studies

Innovations for Poverty Action


Cash Benchmarking

CEGA is partnering with USAID and GiveDirectly to develop new methods for comparing traditional development programming to a benchmark of cost-equivalent digital cash...

Long-Term Impact Discovery

The Long-Term Impact Discovery (LID) project, funded by GiveWell, involves a systematic review of all rigorous, randomized evaluations of cash transfer and child health interventions conducted 10 or more years ago for which long-term follow up would be both meaningful and feasible. With leadership from Ted Miguel, Craig McIntosh, Prashant Bharadwaj, and others, the LID team will contact the authors of promising studies, identify a pool of viable projects, and assist the PIs in locating funding for the most exciting opportunities....

Data & Measurement Research

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Data & Measurement Resources

Data & MeasurementTechnology

Monitoring Human Settlements from Space - Brittany Zajic (Geo4Dev 2018)

Presentations   |   Technology
Data & MeasurementTechnology

FEMA's Hurricane Incident Journal - Madeline Jones (Geo4Dev 2018)

Presentations   |   Technology
Data & MeasurementTechnology

Predicting crop yields and malnutrition with remote sensing data - Lillian Peterson (Geo4Dev 2018)

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Data & MeasurementTechnology

Satellite based flood mapping to build resilience - Jeff Ho (Geo4Dev 2018)

Presentations   |   Technology
Data & MeasurementTechnology

Community Based Rangeland Management and Climate Change Resilience - Dylan Groves (Geo4Dev 2018)

Presentations   |   Technology
Data & MeasurementTechnology

Opening Remarks - Christopher Vaughan (Geo4Dev 2018)

Presentations   |   Technology
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