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Impact of Drought-tolerant Rice on Yield and Farmer Welfare

Agriculture India

One-third of the world’s population lives in water-stressed areas, and this figure may climb to two-thirds within 25 years. Rice experts expect that future growth in yields will come primarily from stress-tolerant varieties. Researchers are examining the impact of growing drought-tolerant, risk-reducing rice varieties across three drought-prone states in India. In Orissa and West Bengal, researchers are testing the impact of Sahbhagi Dhan (SD) rice variety on yields and farmer behavior. In Jharkhand, researchers are studying the impact of the IR64 drought-tolerant rice variety on local labor markets (for both landowners and landless laborers). Surveys will collect data on the outcomes including crop yields, farming practices, household characteristics, attitudes toward risk and uncertainty, seed diffusion, employers, daily wages, and hours worked. Final results forthcoming.

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