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Cash Transfer Evaluation in Liberia

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Led by Jon Robinson, Jenny Aker, and Alan Spearot, in partnership with USAID and GiveDirectly, researchers are designing a randomized evaluation (RCT) to develop estimates of the cost effectiveness of digital cash transfers of multiple sizes on a wide range of development outcomes relevant to USAID in Liberia.  The aim of this exercise is to measure the impact of cash transfers in Liberia. This impact may be compared to current and future USAID programming in Liberia moving forward In addition to the cash benchmarking exercise, the project plans to study whether a low-cost complementary agricultural input market intervention can provide an opportunity for farmers to extend the benefits of the cash transfer.  They hypothesize that by timing the cash transfer with the intervention, which lowers the cost of agricultural inputs by bringing market agents closer to rural farmers, the farmers will be able to better invest their transfers in productive assets and lengthen the positive impacts of the cash transfer intervention.

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