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Addressing gaps in Uganda’s health care delivery infrastructure


Credit: Millennium Promise

While regular visits from community health workers can have huge impacts on the health of women and children, it is notoriously difficult to monitor and incentivize such a vast corps of government workers from the perspective of the Ministry of Health. The motivations of community health workers are not always what stakeholders expect. We are interested in exploring ways that newly inexpensive technology can provide low-cost monitoring and information – to community health workers, their supervisors, and the people they care for. Our key contribution is to leverage the rapidly falling cost and increasing ubiquity of basic phones and smartphones among the general population to provide information to citizens themselves that can help them provide bottom-up accountability for services which are difficult to monitor from the top down. We also hope to provide insights into the relationship between recipient and provider of public services at the very ground level. Our aim for the trip this grant will fund is to gather the information necessary to judge the feasibility and importance of a randomized trial to measure how information and technology can impact incentives for health providers and patients.

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