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At CEGA, we believe that evidence should be used to make decisions about how development funding is spent.

Through competitive grant-making, we fund actionable research that can be used by policymakers to inspire equitable growth. We believe that grant competitions generate the highest-quality research; attract new talent and mobilize networks; and foster stewardship, transparency, and fairness. Browse all CEGA-funded research projects—spanning diverse topical areas and over 55 countries—by applying the filters or clicking on the tiles below.

Health & PsychologyWork & Education

What Are Workers Willing to Pay for Safe Work?

Laura Boudreau | Bangladesh
AgricultureFinancial Inclusion

Agricultural Subsidies, Savings, and Farm Reinvestment

Jonathan Robinson | Kenya
Data Science for DevelopmentEnergy & EnvironmentTechnology

Cool Joule

Eric Brewer | Nicaragua
Work & Education

Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment in Colombia

Juliana Londoño-Vélez | Colombia
Financial Inclusion

Connecting Rural Households to E-Commerce

Benjamin Faber | China
Global NetworksWork & Education

SME Productivity and Cluster Linkages

Arman Rezaee | Uganda
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

ORS Use in Uganda

John Bosco Asiimwe | Uganda
Global NetworksFinancial InclusionInstitutions & Governance

Sports Betting Causes and Consequences

Sylvan Herskowitz | Uganda

Long-term Diffusion and Impact of Flood-tolerant Rice

Alain de Janvry | India

Alleviating Constraints to Adoption of Soil Management

Aprajit Mahajan | India

Cowpeas, Credit, Storage

Brian Dillon | Niger
Global NetworksData Science for DevelopmentHealth & Psychology

Remote Sensing and Estimation of Household Welfare in South Sudan

Reajul Chowdhury | South Sudan
TechnologyWork & Education

Improving Job Search Efficiency

Jeremy Magruder | India
Data Science for DevelopmentAgriculture

Remote Sensing of African Smallholder Yields

David Lobell | Kenya
Data Science for DevelopmentEnergy & Environment

Monitoring Food Prices in Post-disaster Environments

David Soloff | Liberia
Energy & EnvironmentTechnology

Empowering Homegrown Environmental Monitors

Cesi Cruz | Philippines

Digital Mapping for Transparency

Eric Brewer | India
Institutions & GovernanceTechnology

Reducing Corruption Through Crowdsourcing

Thad Dunning | India
AgricultureWork & Education

Upgrading Livestock: A Market-interlinkage Innovation in the Kenya Dairy Sector

Elisabeth Sadoulet | India
Global NetworksAgriculture

Risk Free Fertilizer in Tanzania

Patrick Olobo | Tanzania
Institutions & Governance

Losing Your Dictator? Firm Investment during Chile's Transition to Democracy

Felipe Gonzalez | Chile
Energy & EnvironmentInstitutions & Governance

Climate Change & Corruption

Nicholas Obradovich | Malawi
Energy & Environment

Optimal Individual Cash Transfers to Minimize Deforestation

Santiago Saavedra | Brazil
Institutions & Governance

Jobs for votes? Measuring Patronage Hiring in Ghana

Sarah Brierley | Ghana
Health & Psychology

Empowering young women: A mixed methods approach

Craig McIntosh | Malawi
Data Science for Development

Measuring Biomass Cooking Behaviors at Massive Scale

Daniel Wilson | India
Data Science for DevelopmentEnergy & EnvironmentWork & Education

Remote Sensing of Illegal Black Sand Mining

Sara Kerosky | Philippines
Global NetworksAgriculture

Risk-Free Sample Purchase for Inorganic Fertilizer

Annet Adong | Uganda

Evaluating Impacts of Western Seed's Hybrid Maize Program

Michael Carter | Kenya
Institutions & GovernanceTechnology

Improving Electoral Performance Through Citizen Engagement

Clark Gibson | South Africa

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