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What will our world look like in 2050? Paulina Oliva weighs in | Trojan Family Magazine

Credit: Brian Stauffer

Paulina Oliva, speaking to USC’s Trojan Family Magazine about what the world will look like in 2050, discussed how death-rates rise when temperatures spike. You can read her research here:

It’s 2050, and another balmy day in Los Angeles. A young woman steps outside and puts on her air filtration mask. The air is thick with smog, which aggravates her asthma. As she hurries to get into an air-conditioned, self-driving car, she wonders if the temperature will finally dip below 90 degrees today — for the first time this November.

One hundred miles northwest, a third-generation vineyard owner finishes packing up his family and saying goodbye to the land. It has become too hot to produce his Pinot Noir grapes anymore — all the nearby vineyards now grow wheat to fit the hotter weather. He is heading to Oregon’s cooler climes to start again.”

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