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What Can Biden’s Plan Do for Poverty? Look to Bangladesh | The New York Times

News | Mar 17 2021
A schoolgirl in her village in Bangladesh.Credit…Tadej Znidarcic/Redux

In a recent New York Times Op-Ed, Nicholas Kristof highlights the successes of many Bangladeshi efforts to combat child poverty as possible insights for the United States. Pointing to Bangladesh’s focus on women and education as the key to their success, he also notes the success of BRAC, an NGO that has partnered closely with CEGA to achieve impressive poverty alleviation impacts. For example, CEGA-supported research by Rachel Heath and Laura Bourdreau examined the impact of informing workers of risky workplace conditions in the garment industry, while CEGA affiliates Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet’s worked with Narayan Das to assess BRAC’s migrant loan program:

“Educated women also filled the ranks of nonprofits like Grameen and BRAC, another highly regarded development organization. They got children vaccinated. They promoted toilets. They taught villagers how to read. They explained contraception. They discouraged child marriage.

Bangladesh hasn’t had great political leaders. But its investments in human capital created a dynamism that we can all learn from.

The World Bank calls Bangladesh “an inspiring story of reducing poverty” — with 25 million Bangladeshis lifted from poverty over 15 years. The share of children stunted by malnutrition has fallen by about half in Bangladesh since 1991 and is now lower than in India.”

Source: Opinion | What Can Biden’s Plan Do for Poverty? Look to Bangladesh. – The New York Times

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