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Novissi scheme: Togo uses AI to boost economic inclusion

Technology News | May 26 2021

TogoFirst highlights CEGA’s project with GiveDirectly to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to support the Togolese government’s targeting of aid directly to those with the most need:

“Geospatial and demographic data analyzed by predictive algorithms enabled the Togolese government to refine targeting and optimize the second phase of its Novissi cash transfer program, supported by the international NGO GiveDirectly.

Artificial intelligence tools have been made available by the World Bank, through the International Development Association (IDA) as part of the Single Identification Program for regional integration and inclusion in West Africa. 

The 100 poorest cantons in Togo were identified using geospatial and demographic data. To achieve this, World Bank technicians and experts from the American University of Berkeley and the Northwestern University established micro-estimates of wealth for areas of 2.4 km², a territorial division made by satellite imagery, by applying deep learning algorithms.”

Source: Novissi scheme: Togo uses AI to boost economic inclusion

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