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Marcella Alsan cited at event on diversity in medicine | Stanford Medicine

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Credit: Lindsey Baker

At a recent event, Ohio cardiologist Quinn Capers shared his perspective on the importance of cultivating diversity in medicine. An article recapping the event cites Marcella Alsan’s 2018 study that found that black patients were far more likely to agree to certain preventative health tests if they discussed them with a black male doctor.

“‘Interventional cardiologist Quinn Capers, MD, is on a mission to change the way we think about diversity in medicine.

‘Imagine the effect of a medication shortage or an increase in medication prices,’ he said, looking around a room of roughly 60 physicians, trainees, residents, staff, and medical students who had gathered to hear him speak on campus this week.

‘We get upset when pharmaceutical companies charge exorbitant fees for things our patients need. Take insulin, for example,’ Capers, who is the associate dean of admissions and a professor at Ohio State University (OSU) College of Medicine, continued. ‘If the price of insulin was raised there would be outrage — because we need it, or our patients will die. I’d like to frame diversity in the same way — we need it. Because diversity saves lives.’

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