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Affiliate Graeme Blair and others Test Nigerian Corruption | Quartz Africa

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Working on a clearer image of Nigerian corruption. Credit: Quartz Africa

CEGA faculty affiliate Graeme Blair and co-authors featured in Quartz Africa piece about measuring corruption habits in Nigeria:

“The popularity of Nigeria’s Nollywood movie industry—the world’s second largest by volume—was covertly deployed for a social cause five years ago.

Researchers from Princeton University, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) collaborated to commission a feature film to test local habits on reporting corruption. The research for the movie, which was funded by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and an anonymous donor, was approved by by the Princeton Institutional Review Board.

Given the popularity of the local movie industry and the prevalence of corruption in Nigeria, the researchers looked to study how Nigerians report corruption using the high-profile actors to model behavior.”

Read more: Princeton researchers used Nollywood to test Nigerian corruption — Quartz Africa



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