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CEGA Initiative - Working Group in African Political Economy

Working Group in African Political Economy


Founded in 2002, the Working Group in African Political Economy (WGAPE – pronounced “wah-gah-pay”) is a network of researchers with deep field research experience that meets regularly to provide structured feedback on in-progress (“working”) research papers related to the theme of African political economy. WGAPE employs a unique conference format where all participants read the papers before the meeting, and during the hour allotted to each paper participants hold a roundtable discussion to offer constructive feedback to the offers. WGAPE actively seeks to build links between scholars of African political economy in the U.S. and Africa. Meetings often feature trainings in impact evaluation and research transparency for junior scholars and scholars from developing countrie,s and matchmaking workshops to facilitate connections between these researchers and more senior scholars.


WGAPE Meetings

WGAPE holds several meetings throughout the year, each typically attended by 25-40 people and featuring discussion of roughly seven in-progress works by African political economy scholars. WGAPE holds a “national” meeting in May/June of each year to discuss in-progress work from scholars from across the U.S. and Canada. With generous funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, WGAPE brings six scholars affiliated with African institutions to attend each national meeting; typically, two of these scholars will receive feedback on their work. WGAPE also holds an international meeting at NYU-Abu Dhabi in January to facilitate attendance by scholars worldwide. Several “regional” meetings are independently organized across the US to connect scholars in their respective areas of the country; CEGA organizes an annual West Coast regional meeting each fall.


William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Executive Committee
Kim Yi Dionne (UC Riverside)
Karen Ferree (UCSD)
Willa Friedman (Houston)
Andy Harris (NYU Abu Dhabi)
Mai Hassan (Michigan)
Nahomi Ichino (Michigan)
Kimuli Kasara (Columbia)
Eric Kramon (GWU)
Nathan Nunn (Harvard)
Jeremy Weinstein (Stanford)
Amanda Lea Robinson (OSU)
Amma Panin (World Bank)
Brian Dillon (Cornell)
Daniel Posner (UCLA)
Ted Miguel (UC Berkeley)

WGAPE Research

Global NetworksWork & Education

The Effect of Malaria on Test Scores in Rwanda

Aimable Nsabimana | Rwanda
Global NetworksHealth & Psychology

Measuring Changes in Infant Birthweight due to Performance-based and Unconditional Financial Incentives

Benjamin Chibuye | Zambia
Global NetworksInstitutions & Governance

"Peace Paradox" and pandemic: A natural experiment of COVID-19 effects on African Jihadist groups

Larissa Nawo |
Global NetworksInstitutions & GovernanceTechnology

Internet Crime in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Temitope Edward Akinyemi and Mike Omilusi | Nigeria
Global NetworksInstitutions & Governance

Government Expenditures and the Longevity of African Leaders

Michel Armel Ndayikeza |
Global NetworksInstitutions & Governance

Political Partisanship and Cooperation during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Benin

Rodrigue Kossi Sossou | Benin
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WGAPE Resources

Global Networks

WGAPE 2021 Annual Meeting RFP

Request for Proposals
Global Networks

Transportation Choices, Fatalism, and the Value of Life in Africa

Research Publications
Global NetworksInstitutions & Governance

Experimental Evidence on External Aid and Community Institutions in Sierra Leone

Research Publications   |   Institutions & Governance
Global Networks

Great Expectations: Ethnicity, Performance, and Ugandan Voters

Research Publications
Global Networks

Collective Action in Diverse Sierra Leone Communities

Research Publications
Global NetworksInstitutions & Governance

What Explains the African Vote? Using Exit Poll Data from Kenya to Explore Ethnicity and Government Performance in Vote Choice

Research Publications   |   Institutions & Governance
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