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CEGA regularly convenes researchers, decision-makers, and implementing partners from around the world to forge new partnerships, discuss open research questions, share findings, and translate research evidence into effective policymaking.

Past Events

Global Networks

Working Group in African Political Economy (WGAPE) Spring 2015

Seminar   |   past event  |  May 29 2015

The Working Group in African Political Economy (WGAPE) brings together faculty and advanced graduate students in Economics and Political Science who combine field research experience in Africa with training in political economy methods. Since 2002, the group has met semi-annually to discuss the...

Evidence to Action 2015: Engineering for Development

Conference   |   past event  |  May 04 2015

Technology plays an essential role in accelerating development in the poorest countries. But technology is not a black-box solution for poverty. Pro-poor technologies must be designed and delivered in the context of weak governance, failed markets, and complex social and behavioral norms. The...

Shang-Jin Wei and the Dean’s Speaker Series

Seminar   |   past event  |  Apr 13 2015

Shang-Jin Wei, the Chief Economist at the Asian Development Bank, will be visiting UC Berkeley as a speaker in the Dean's Speaker Series.  More information can be...

Makhtar Diop, Regents’ Lecturer

Seminar   |   past event  |  Mar 31 2015

On March 31, Makhtar will give a public lecture titled "Policymaking in Africa: Reflections from Decades of Experience". Makhtar Diop has served as the World Bank's Vice President for Africa since May 2012. Under his leadership, the World Bank Group committed a record-breaking $15.3 billion to...

The 2015 Pacific Conference on Development Economics (PacDev) will be held on March 21, 2015 at UC San Diego. It is designed to bring together graduate students, faculty and practitioners to present and discuss various issues facing developing economies. For more information click here. Keynote...


2014 Research Transparency Forum

Conference   |   past event  |  Dec 11 2014

The movement towards more reproducibility and openness has gained a lot momentum in the social sciences. Yet, the norms and institutions that govern academic research do not reflect this culture shift. Problems remain, including professional incentives that reward striking and statistically...

The aim of the conference is to bring together the community of scholars who employ laboratory experimental economics methods for research in developing countries. Keynote speakers are Oriana Bandiera (London School of Economics) and Gary Charness (University of California, Santa Barbara). The...

Recent technology breakthroughs are offering unique opportunities to collect data with greater accuracy, reliability, and frequency than ever before. Research in global development and poverty alleviation – which too often relies on cumbersome, expensive, and unreliable data collection...

Conference on Behavioral Health Economics

Conference   |   past event  |  Nov 14 2014

In collaboration with the Behavior Change Research Network (BCRN), the Berkeley Population Center, the Initiative for Behavioral Economics and Finance, and the Center on the Economics and Demographics of Aging (CEDA), CEGA hosted a full day conference on Behavioral Health Economics on Friday,...

World Development Report Seminar

Seminar   |   past event  |  Nov 13 2014

CEGA will host a seminar by Anna Fruttero, one of the authors of World Development Report 2015, Mind, Society and Behavior, in conjunction with the Behavioral Health Economics Conference held on Friday. The talk will highlight key findings. This year's Report, set to launch in...

CEGA Research Retreat (R^2) 2014

Conference   |   past event  |  Oct 24 2014

The CEGA Research Retreat (R^2) is an annual gathering of invited faculty, staff and students from multiple CEGA campuses with a shared interest in impact evaluation. The purpose of R^2, which features presentations by CEGA-affiliated researchers and their collaborators, is to generate feedback for...

Technologies for measuring the adoption and impact of development interventions have seen substantial innovation over the past several years—examples include the use of microsatellite data for mapping weather patterns and agricultural yields, sensors for tracking behavior change, smart meters for...


DIME Workshop on Innovations for Agriculture

Training   |   past event  |  Jun 16 2014

On June 16 - 20, 2014 the Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) team facilitated an Impact Evaluation workshop on Innovations for Agriculture, in Kigali, Rwanda. The workshop brought together practitioners, subject experts, and researchers working to improve the productivity of smallholder farmers....

Global Networks

3rd Annual EASST Summit

Conference   |   past event  |  Jun 16 2014

Small-scale or subsistence farmers make up approximately 90% of the agricultural activity in Eastern and Sub-Saharan Africa. Ensuring sustainable practices, improving harvests through innovation and best practices, and connecting farmers to markets can all pay a role in promoting food security and...


Data Science Meets Social Science

Seminar   |   past event  |  Jun 05 2014

All across the social sciences we can see a convergence around the ideals of openness and reproducibility. Over the past years, the injection of ways of thinking and working from scientific computing into social science research has helped develop an infrastructure to make this agenda possible....


Transparency Practices for Empirical Social Science Research

Training   |   past event  |  Jun 02 2014

Over the past years, an inspiring number of bottom-up innovations across social science disciplines have sought to advance the reliability, reproducibility, and validity of empirical social studies, realigning scholarly incentives with scholarly values. Examples include systematic disclosure of...

Global Networks

Working Group in African Political Economy (WGAPE) Spring 2014

Seminar   |   past event  |  May 16 2014

The Working Group in African Political Economy (WGAPE) brings together faculty and advanced graduate students in Economics and Political Science who combine field research experience in Africa with training in political economy methods. Since 2002, the group has met semi-annually to discuss the...

BREAD Conference on Development Economics

Conference   |   past event  |  May 08 2014

The Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 and dedicated to encouraging research and scholarship in development economics. BREAD organizes annual conferences, by invitation only, on important issues in micro-economics. The...


Evidence to Action 2014: Building Markets for Small Scale Farmers

Conference   |   past event  |  May 01 2014

Without agricultural progress, poverty and hunger will persist. CEGA is at the forefront of researching innovative ways to encourage advances in agriculture in Africa and South Asia. This year, our annual research symposium featured emerging evidence and novel interventions that improve how markets...

Global Networks

South Asia Regional Impact Evaluation Workshop

Training   |   past event  |  Apr 27 2014

Within the complex and diverse world of international development initiatives, intensive program and policy evaluation is crucial to inform policy-makers and advise development initiatives. As part of our BRAC-CEGA Learning Collaborative, we are partnering with BRAC, the World Bank's Strategic...

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